Your Crystal Clear 2020

Using Your Internal Navigation System

GPS navigation systems for travel have been a great addition to the fast paced technological advancements. Simplifying, your life they have taken the place of studying maps, written directions or stopping to ask for directions. The information is trusted for accuracy and arrival to your destination.

Did you know you have your own flawless navigation system? An internal navigation system that is a direct connection to divine guidance and inner wisdom?

2020 is a time to engage in discernment, clarity of direction and intuition as never before. Using your own gifts of discernment and intuition are a necessity for being engaged in the most purposeful way on your path.

Do you use your internal navigation system with a trust and a certainty? Did you know that your internal navigation system is ready to be upgraded and re-wired?

Opinions of others and multiple sources of information can cloud your knowing of what to believe and who to listen to for accuracy.

A Crystal Clear 2020 Vision consists of Heightened Discernment and Trusted Intuition

In order to be in this alignment of Discernment and Intuition you must first delete the old programs and setting. For these purposes,

Join me, Pam Rennie as The Leahona in a Divinely Guided webinar series to assist you in upgrading your personal Navigation System.

Gathering via the web in Sacred Space with the Divine Guides. With the processes of Alchemy; you will experience letting go of 3 D patterns and awaken more into the Divine being that you are; equipped and fully aware.

Many of the Great Teachers of Light have presented and participated in the creation of this event. Some that will be assisting throughout are:

Master Adama, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Master Kuthumi, Lord Metatron, Divine Mother, the Elementals and others may present as we gather. Divinely led in the moment some of experiences will be:

Clearing doubt out of your Heart Chakra, allowing in a certainty with confidence.

An upgrading of intuition allows your spiritual gifts feel more accessible and your discernment heightened.

With a re-calibration of your 3rd Chakra; Resistance fades revealing a powerful Self Acceptance and Confidence.

Go from Lack to using your Innate Wisdom with Seniority

Whether you are accustomed to using your intuition daily or newly awakening into them, this series holds valuable information and upgrades for you.

In the essence of using discernment and being intuitive learn:

Simple ways to be more attentive, more focused and more aware.

Discover your unique way to receive answers and insights. It might not be how you think it is!

At the completion of this series you will be empowered with an independence and a freedom to be the unique individual you are with an upgraded and enhanced internal navigation system. You will be fully equipped to create and experience YOUR Crystal Clear 2020.

I invite you to tune into the energy held within this invitation to join The Great Teachers of Light in Sacred Space.

3 Webinar Gatherings:

Sunday March 15th, 22nd and 29th all at 11 am EDT

Bonus: Included in this series: Equinox Transmission Thursday March 19th 11 am EDT

As you feel the nudge to participate you have the choice of 2 different payment options to choose from.

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We are living in and witnessing the most remarkable evolution ever. You are here at this time for a purpose. I would be delighted and honored to have you join in this sacred series solely for you. As you add to your light and your purpose all are benefited as well. May you be blessed.