What Do You Do When Your World Falls Apart?

by Pam Rennie

Article posted in December issue of Oracle 20/20 Magazine


 What Do You Do When Your World Falls Apart?

by Pam Rennie & Dr. Gail Lash

Take a breath.

Many of us have had days…weeks…sometimes years, where the world falls apart. The job goes sour, the kids get cranky and wild, the pet dies, our loved one moves or passes away. We are left feeling inadequate, unbalanced, in a state of upheaval. Changes are ultimately part of life, but when the rug is pulled out from under us, we long for the stability of the past. We are being asked to stretch ourselves, our boundaries, our capabilities, and (it seems like) abandon our dreams.

The Peaceful Warrior movie is a prime example of the world falling apart. Danny, a star gymnast, gets in a motorcycle accident and shatters his leg. The tryouts for the Olympic Team are only 10 months away. Can he come back and go for the Gold? Danny’s mentor, “Socrates”, tells him to empty his mind, and be in the NOW moment. He says, “Everything has a purpose, and it is up to you to find it. A warrior does not give up on what he loves; he finds the love in what he does.”

We are in a Shift – an Evolution of Consciousness – on the planet. With this Shift, come major transitions – in our society and businesses, in our families and homes, in our hearts and minds. Many old paradigms will fall, in order to make way for this new “fifth dimensional” world we are co-creating. This 5D world is one of unity, creativity, justice, hope, love – where all our institutions and each of us are working together in harmony, balance, compassion and collaboration. So get ready for these changes. The key is to stay out of Fear and in the moment of Now. Now is where we each create our future.

Exercise: How can we empty our minds, find purpose in these changes, and not let the fear of the noise and drama control our lives? First, envision a Rose arms-length out in front of you at heart level. This is the edge of your energetic space (aura). See five more roses: one behind you, to your left, to your right, above your head and below your feet. Draw lines connecting your six roses. What do you have around you? An Octahedron! This is the beginning of creating your Personal Power Field – where no one else’s energy resides, only yours. When you stand in your Personal Power Field, you become aligned with your purpose and have access to your internal wisdom. Next, envision a Grounding Cord – a beam of light – coming out of the base of your spine and connecting to the center of the Earth. Turning this on and activating it will create an exit point for excess electro electromagnetic energy such as thoughts (being electric) as well as emotions (being magnetic), allowing this energy to leave your space, assisting you to step into clarity, ease and being present in the moment. As Socrates (pointing to his mind) commands Danny, “Throw out the trash up here,” this Grounding Cord creates an opportunity for you to release all the “trash” thoughts and emotions that are not serving you. When you live your life from within your Personal Power Field container, delineated by your six roses, you are in command of your feelings and your actions.From within this Octahedron, you can observe the drama of the world from neutrality, and be in balance.

This exercise contains two foundational tools of Alchemy.  Alchemy is much more than the concept of changing lead into gold; it is the ability to change one possibility into another. Alchemy is a way of life, a pathway allowing you to step from your “third dimensional” experience into a higher, more expansive awareness of life. You then can choose a life of well-being, accomplishment, freedom – one without the anxiety of the world falling apart around you. From here, you can access your Sacred Heart, tap into your inner guidance, and walk in personal power, peace and service. We forget that we are not our stories, and that our happiness can be found in walking the journey, not arriving at the destination. It is on this journey, from this happiness, that we find and bring our dreams to life.

The question becomes, “What do YOU choose?” Do you allow yourself to be tossed about by the turmoil in your world, or do you choose the realization that you do have a choice in each moment? As Danny’s mentor affirms, “The battles we fight are on the inside. This moment is the only thing that matters.” Are you paying Attention to this moment?


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