Vernal Equinox Series 2021

The Vernal Equinox peaks on: March 20th 2021 at 5:37 am EDT

As the sun moves into Aries, the first Zodiac sign, a new year begins.

With the Sun in Aries and The Moon in Gemini, this Celestial event is a call for you to be in your personal sovereignty being; Senior, Certain & Capable.

A series of gatherings has been created for the purpose of taking full advantage of all that is available during this Celestial Season.

The Re-Set

Gathering 1: Sunday 3/14/21 11 am edt. In preparation for the Equinox Transmission, join Archangel Michael, Lady Tara, Helios and Vesta as our Divine Guides for this series. As Way Shower, The Leahona will guide you through this time of re-set and preparation with energy processes and messages from our beloved guides.

New Beginnings

Gathering 2: Saturday 3/20/21 11 am edt. The Equinox Transmission. As we gather in the Equinox portal, bathed by the codes of light, your ascension process is accelerated. This Equinox will light the way towards the new realities and your role as The I AM.

Fresh Starts

Gathering 3: Sunday 3/28/21 11 am edt It is time to collect up all the insights gathered and create the reference points and ways of being accessed through the Equinox series.

What possibilities will your Re-Set, New Beginning and Fresh Start bring?

Being this Divinely Sovereign Being, you lead the way as you radiate The Love That You Are.

“YOU are the Divine Soul. It is time to not be afraid any longer of who you are; but to step into your role as creator, with free will, shining your light that all may wake up. That you may live and experience yourself as Divine Soul in Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing” Archangel Metatron

This will be a personal time for you to draw unto you all this Equinox Season offers, with a focus on:

A Re-Set into: Balance, Stability and Ease.

New Beginnings as Senior, Certain and Capable.

With Fresh Starts as The Love That You Are.

I am deeply grateful to invite you to participate and honor your presence if you choose.

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