Vernal Equinox Transmission 2020

A Re-Set Into Balance

The Vernal Equinox peaks on March 19th 2020 at 11:49 pm EDT

As the sun moves into Aries, the first Zodiac sign, a new year begins.

Equinox signals fresh starts and new beginnings and this years feels most welcome and needed.

As we sit in the Equinox Portal aligned with the Codes of Light we experience a Re-Set.

Aries and Capricorn dominate this Celestial event and call for a stepping up into a positive role of our personal leadership.

A leader leading the way as a beacon of light as you shine as The Love That You Are.

“YOU are the Divine Soul. It is time to not be afraid any longer of who you are; but to step into your role as creator, with free will, shining your light that all may wake up. That you may live and experience yourself as Divine Soul in Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing” Archangel Metatron

As the Divine Soul, now is the time to experience and exercise this personal empowerment.

What will a new beginning look like for you?

Gathering together with the Divine Guides join, me as The Leahona in this Equinox Transmission as we enter and be in the portal of light.

Webinar Transmisison:

Thursday March 19th at 11 am EDT

This will be a personal time for you to draw unto you all this Equinox offers, with a focus on: Balance, Stability and Ease

Hear messages from the Divine and bask in the uplifting and empowering energies.

The exchange is $22

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The event will be recorded and contain all the Equinox energies.

I invite you to join this welcomed Re-set and step into more Balance, Ease and Peace.