The Divine Thesaurus

by Pam Rennie

When holding a one on one session the foundation is always “when two or more are gathered”; that we are indeed in the higher dimensions of Sacred Space gathered with All That Is.

This comes with a knowing and I love how the synchronicity, Divine Guidance and amazing shifts of awareness take place in these gatherings.

In a session of support a beloved client was talking about a relocation and the first step being that she “had to find a job.”

I paused immediately after she said, ‘she had to find a job’.

The word FIND did not feel in alignment. Instantaneously the word PROCURE dropped into my awareness. I can assure you I have never in my life spoken the word before, but there it was. It felt good and I had to google the meaning: (getting a bit in logical thought for a fun moment!)

obtain (something), especially with care or effort.
“food procured for the rebels”
synonyms: obtainacquiregetfind, come by, secure, pick up;

Ah ha, that was it! To Procure; to obtain is more in the alignment of allowing things to come to us rather that the looking for and finding.

Rather than Spell Check we have a Divine Thesaurus assisting us in realizing a better word is available. 

Most importantly making the change of this one word added greatly to the creation of her desired result;  A move with Purpose, Ease and Accomplishment.

Notice your words and how they feel especially when you are intending to manifest and create. When the Divine drops a new word into your awareness, don’t hesitate to see how it feels and even google the meaning!

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