What People are saying:

   “How do you choose to experience yourself?”  “With this simple question, Pam has assisted me to choose; to experience freedom, empowerment and the great love that is within me.
     As a teacher, counselor, mentor, healer and channel, Pam seamlessly moves within these roles to help me live a joyful life. She has taught me about balance, being grounded and integrity.  With her guidance, I was able to examine my beliefs about self worth and acceptance, and choose what I believe is true for me now.
The unique value of remote sessions enabled me to have a more personal soul-to-soul connection with Pam.  I found I could let my ego drop away and be more authentic in my questions and responses.  Being in the comfort of my home allowed me to be more fully present and to receive the healing and guidance with greater ease.
I am so appreciative of the gifts Pam has awakened in me and I eagerly greet the mornings and each day with positive expectations.  I know that I have the tools to create and experience happiness and love.” Monica Bastian of The Luminous Heart Center

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my GRATITUDE for the GIFTS that I RECEIVED, both times that you were a guest on the show. The grounding tool and the MESSAGE from Mary Magdalene were so profound that I found myself crying and RELEASING the entire show. Thank you!  I AM so GRATEFUL!” Chrissy Cook 

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“You provided the road map, now all I have to do is follow it. So thank you. You’re very kind and a very good teacher and healer. I enjoyed working with you.” Sara W.

Create Your Personal Power Field Weekend Class:

“I have been exposed to some of the Alchemy Tools but not in the fullness of this course. These tools and this Personal Power Field of  Mastering Alchemy is about ME. These tools will help me to be more effective as a healer and more present and powerful in my everyday life. ”  Lee Ka’aloha Wolf, ARCH Kaula, I’O Master, ARCH Master, Reiki Master

 “I scheduled a massage a few days after my MA Level 1 “refresher” course weekend.  About 40 minutes before my appointment I got a call from the massage place. They told me the massage therapist was dealing with a “family emergency” and would be there as soon as possible.  She arrived late, very apologetic. I told her not to worry about it and we started the massage. A few minutes into the massage she said, “Usually I’m pretty good at shaking things off, but I was still pretty stressed when I got here and got started. But you have a very calming energy around you and now I’m not stressed at all!” I smiled to myself and told her that I had been working on that, and that I was happy it was working for both of us. This lead to a very nice conversation about energy, spiritual teachers, and Mastering Alchemy”  Marja~Mastering Alchemy Level 3 student

 Create Your Personal Power Field Web Class:

“I am  definitely finding that I can hold myself in a place of peace more successfully now with the grounding cord, the rose and the space behind the eyes. I love how simple these tools are but so profoundly useful”  jane

 “Thanks again for such a wonderful class yesterday!
Today while I was in attendance at the funeral I mentioned….I was actively using all the energy tools.  I found myself very purposefully a bridge between Heaven and Earth just holding the space of Love and Compassion and Truth.
I felt amazingly strong throughout the Mass and was not swept away by the sadness I was observing all around me.  I just was aware of MY Presence as an offering to be channeling Love.  It was awesome.” Catherine M.


“Beloved Pam.  I don’t think words can express the amount of happiness joy and gratitude that I felt with this class today. I truly believe and feel this is the beginning of amazing miracles that are about to happen. Thank you so much for the guided clearing we did and the heart point technique we did. You are an amazing teacher.” JG

“I just did the meditation from Archangel Michael that you channeled, went to your website for the first time, and checked out your blog for the first time.  What an inspiration you are! I feel that if I just stay with your meditation, I will be able to make positive changes and move on in my life letting go of feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt and things that are holding me back.  I am very grateful.” P.F.O.

Personal Sessions


“My healing and restoration journey has taken me to many women since 1998. You are the one who has shown me more than I could even imagine or realize. I’m still in awe each time I have a session with you.  The Mastering Alchemy is the biggest one for me now!  The tools assist me in so many ways. I laugh now and enjoy the joy!”  justine j.

*“I am brand new to any energy work. Pam’s soothing style relaxed me right away. My session was fantastic. I knew I had somehow been in my own way and was glad to have that released.  I will be having more sessions for sure.”  Tammy


“I loved my personal channeled message from Archangel Gabriel. Each time I listen I hear something new for the first time! This means so much to me.”  rose

“I am in the process of developing and learning the divine energy in me to heal people. What a blessing I had today with this call. From the depths of my heart, thank you.”  tn

“Just wanted to thank you so much for our Saturday session. You are so incredible! What a powerful healing!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart”! bt

“I am an energy therapist and I have sought ‘my healer’ for awhile. I am judicious about the practitioners I trust to work with me and with whom I choose to invest my money. Pam Rennie is a Healer of Healers”. Linda


“I just wanted to thank you so much for the session. I really think you have guided me in really profound way! I would love to continue with another session, maybe in few weeks.” carol


Some examples of true life cases:

Client: 18 year old Debby (name changed for privacy)

Issue: Trauma and Stress

September 2010

Debbie felt she should be excited about going away to college, but instead she was filled with anxiety and dread. She didn’t eat the first 3 days there and couldn’t stop crying. Her stomach hurt all the time and all she could think about was dropping out and going home. Each day was getting worse, she was vomiting and filled with fear and dread.

After 2 weeks and no let up, I contacted her to see if she would like to try an HPT session. She was desperate for help and said, yes. She was home for the weekend and since she lived by we did the session in person.

We set the intention of the session to clear the emotional trauma so Debby could make a clear decision about staying in school or dropping out.

Level of Anxiety: 10

Clearing dread, fear and anxiety down to a 7 we found the core issue. Debby feared something could happen to a family member while she was away from home. Using HPT we traced this feeling back to the very first time she experienced this emotion.

HPT cleared Debby’s dread, anxiety and fear down to a 1 in one session! She tapped in an empowering statement and left with guidance to help her remember to stay empowered in her new statement. I also recommended flower essence and an essential oil to support her and help anchor in the new empowerments.

The full success story: Not only did HPT heal the emotional trauma for Debby, she stayed at college finishing the semester with very good grades (and without all the anxiety too!). She decided to enrol in the local community college for the next semester; with a different major-a decision made with clarity not out of fear!

Update: Debbie has continued to be free of the past anxiety and dread. She continued on at the local community college; moving out of her family home and sharing a house with 3 girlfriends. Her latest update is she will be spending the 2013 summer semester studying abroad! That is a success!

Heart Point Technique: Relationship Healing Case Study

Client: Susan

Issue: Distrust

This word is present in many ways in Susan’s life she says, but mainly of herself and boyfriend.

The intensity level of this issue was a 10.

When we tuned in Susan found she was feeling this as heart and head pain.

The self talk in her mind over and over was: “I am my own worst enemy.”

  • As I observed I felt that Susan seemed deeply stuck in a pattern of “woe is me, I am not to be trusted and I cannon trust others.”

As we continued on in the session I saw bands around her heart. It was being constricted from her own emotion and thoughts.  Also her left brain appeared huge from “over analyzing every single thing”. She needed full clearing of thoughts and of her energy field.

In assessing the situation for the contributing cause I saw what was allowing her to stay stuck in cycles of creating impossible (untrue) life stories.

During the session we drew in the light, we cleared many strings and attachments, energies, patterns and habits.  We brought in balance and harmony for the brain and encouraged more right brain activity. A surprise visit and channeled message from Mother Marybrought such comfort and loving words of guidance as well as a wonderful healing shift of Susan’s energy.

During the course of the healing deeper issues that weren’t initially apparent came forward:

This was a deep pattern of habit that changed; the feelings and emotions shifted from jealousy to anger and other thoughts and emotions and were constantly being fueled by her thoughts and negative energy. She was “thinking” the worst about her boyfriend with no cause except her own thoughts. Always feeling he didn’t love her and was going to leave her.

By the completion of the session her intensity rating was at a 0. 

Susan reported that this session showed her the power of her thoughts in a way she had never seen. She learned how much Thoughts matter. She was creating her own pain and “scary stories about her boyfriend” with her negative thinking and attitude. I had Susan Tap into the consolidation point at the back of her head and speak: “Freedom-I am free to be on my path. And BELIEVE.

Several months later Susan reported she has been successful moving forward and her relationship was doing much better; both with herself and her boyfriend.


Pam has completed all the training required to truly call herself a master healer. Pam’s natural intuitive abilities make her sessions even more effective. Rebecca Messenger, HPT Founder

Read below the case study that was presented when I was announced as a Heart Point Technique Master:


What in the world does a Sore Throat and the 4th of July in common?

As a long time client, Julie calls on me for healing and clearings of physical illness to emotions through HPT and energy work.

She called on July 2nd with the start of a sore throat.

Often emotions will present to be released before the physical issue

can be cleared. This time there was SO much emotion I was stunned.


I did the energy work and things looked ok but, not all the emotions

released, yet Julie responded and seemed to feel better.


A few days later came deeper confirmation that something really was

different this time: Julie who started out feeling better began to feel worse.

Tuning into Julie’s energy I had the clear knowing that somehow

she was in her own way of healing. 


Before I had a chance to say this, Julie made the comment,

“I have had a bad sore throat on the 4th of July holiday

more times in my life than I could even count.

I never really liked this holiday.”


I immediately knew HPT was in order…

I let Julie know of the intuitive message about her being in her own way.

She had done several HPT sessions and knew of their amazing healing power,

yet she felt so poorly and the pain in her throat made talking difficult.

I offered to hold a remote session for her.


I asked her for a pain rating on her throat (an 8) as a reference point for improvement.

Feeling that it was important for her to do this, I asked her to look into what may be in

the way of her healing this sore throat.


I energy tested how much emotion was playing a part in this illness-over 60%-

and also looked at her immune function-very low, due to the emotional baggage.
From the start the HPT session was amazing.


 As if lined up waiting to heal this energy on the spot there were

several past lifetime AND Ancestral life times all

involving the throat in some painful way….traumatic injury, illness, oppression

of speech, and all of the incidents amazingly took place on or around the 4th

of July holiday.


The HPT rounds cleared the issues with ease and the wonderful feeling

of Divine energy grew stronger with the healing of each issue.


I could feel the joy from the many souls involved in this healing.

I checked in with Julie to update her and get a rating; she was at about a 6.

When telling her the fascinating detail of the session, she confessed, said in

such a small voice:

 “With all this pain and suffering from these past issues, maybe that’s why

 I have never been sure I even liked the USA.”

I went back into the remote HPT session. Another Ancestral lifetime comes up.

This one so painful, so sad……the ancestor fighting in civil war days, is desperate

to get home to his wife and children suffering illness back home.


 But he was Denied leave… the anger towards his homeland arises and again,

more injury to the throat takes place.  In this case the injury caused, the tonsils

“freeze” not able to fully function as designed.


This was quite a sacred HPT healing. I brought in forgiveness and restored

Patriotic gratitude to his Home Land in addition to sending the “frozen” tonsils

healing and restoration.


I checked in with Julie.  Her spirits where up and her voice sounded better. 

She reported being at level 4.

I asked, if she gotten a message about what was blocking her healing?

She said yes; she felt a block in her ability to feel Self Acceptance and Self Love.


With this part of the session complete, I asked if we could do the session for the

block to Self Acceptance and Self Love together over the phone the next day.


When she woke the next day, her Throat was down to a 2.  We held the HPT session and

with great success awakened her Self Acceptance and Self Love.

Her immune levels went up and Julie was thrilled at the deep level of healing

she received thanks to HPT.

**Update. This healing was completed over 3 years ago. To this day Julie has not had a sore throat or any illness on the 4th of July. 🙂