Soul Unification Process II


The Soul Unification Process is a Co-creation with a group of multidimensional beings who are called: “The New Friends”

I am delighted to be answering the call to create a gathering for Soul Unification. With multiple purposes to our gathering in Divine timing one aspect is to prepare for the Eclipse energies of August. ​​​​​​​Eclipse Energy helps to create sudden and dramatic change in our lives. Knowing this, what would you like to create? 

August is a month of Changing and Rearranging. The month began with Solar Winds and amplified energies leading to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 7th

A Total Solar Eclipse is taking place August 21st and will follow a path from coast to coast across the United States

As a result many are expecting big changes in the USA during this Gate-Way opening and during the months following.

Change that will ultimately affect the World and our History.

This gathering is a Timeless body of work which was recorded for replay and download. Whenever you choose to participate you will be doing so in present time

“How Do You Choose” echo’s through my mind as well as How would you like to prepare and experience yourself during this powerful month?


The Group called The New Friends have been presenting in a strong yet soft Divine Feminine representation which is so loving it is Nourishment for your Soul. They will be at the lead of this gathering along with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua as well as the Archangels, with Gabriel at the forefront.

  •  Soul Unification brings a merging of Spirit, Soul and Body into a unique Unification of Whole Being.  With the process of  Collecting up of all aspects of Self, Spirit and Soul and a releasing of Habit Patterns of All Life times and Ancestral patterns that can keep us in what I see as LOOP’S of repeat; I am observing dramatic positive shifts in myself and others!
  • In this process a connection with the physical body and The Soul is made. A Divine Relationship of YOU is made known. This is the time to be in Cooperation and collaboration with the physical body as never before able to do. To truly be the co-creator working with you body in WEll Being.
  • There is a knowing and awareness with a heightened intuition as this process open’s up The Causal Body where you have stored your best experiences. Experiences and traits you wanted to remember and access. That time is now.

We will hear from The Divine Feminine through The Leahona and The New Friends with messages and guidance in the softness and power of what they want to present to you, to experience. They will address, What does your Soul Want you to know? As well as create an experience of:

  • Nourishment for Your Soul, Spirit and Body as we released  Cellular memories and debris that is not in alignment with who you are
  • Deepening your connection to you BEing the Love that you are and operating from this platform
  • Smoothing out the emotions and misalignment of mental thoughts; most of which are not yours
  • Learn the template of Creation from the Soft and Powerful Divine Feminine

Much of what will take place will unfold in the moment, so feel into the energy even more that what the words say!  

This is showing to be the most amazing gathering yet.

This Gathering will be like reaching out for a Divine Hand to lift you and hold onto through the day’s to come. 

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I look forward to being in this most Divine Sacred Space with you.