Soul Unification

The Soul Unification Process is a Co-creation with a group of multidimensional beings who are called: “The New Friends”

There are certain experiences in our lives that stand out as pivotal moments; game changers even.   What began as a conversation with my Higher Self looking for answers and direction became one of those experiences.  I found myself Divinely guided in a beautiful love filled space that was nothing short of miraculous.  I soaked in the experience and saw immediate shifts, doors open and inspiration flow.  I AM more clear on my purpose and direction then ever before. As if a Divine upgrade or “restore to Divine Settings” took place for every unified aspect of me.

In this miraculous experience a Process was born.

I knew this was something for other Seekers to experience also.  In one one One sessions this process has now assisted others to step into a more comfortable alignment with Spirit, Soul and Body.

  •  Soul Unification brings a merging of Spirit, Soul and Body into a unique Unification of Whole Being.  With the process of  Collecting up of all aspects of Self, Spirit and Soul and a releasing of Habit Patterns of All Life times and Ancestral patterns that can keep us in what I see as LOOP’S of repeat; I am observing dramatic positive shifts in myself and others!
  • In this process a connection with the physical body is made. A Divine Relationship of YOU, your Spirit Soul to your physical body is made known. This is the time to be in Cooperation and collaboration with the physical body as never before able to do. To truly be the co-creator working with you body in WEll Being.
  • There is a knowing and awareness with a heightened intuition as this process open’s up The Causal Body where you have stored your best experiences. Experiences and traits you wanted to remember and access. That time is now

Answering the call to bring this forward to many, The Soul Unification Process has been recorded and is a timeless body of work. You may participate at your convince and whenever you participate YOU are in the experience in present time. 

Assisting in the Co-Creation and the experience of this process is, The New Friends. A group of Beings within All That Is who are passionate about our Evolution out of The Fall of Consciousness and the Evolution of the Earth. The New Friends are just that, Friends! Friends who Know and love us. They will tell us straight what we need to hear and do so in fun “human” way that we get the messages. The do so from such a higher Dimension  where just their presence creates change and a Divine Knowing within us.

The New Friends so want us to have fun AND BE Living  Our Divine Potential as Spiritual Beings having a Spiritual Experience in a Human Body.

They will be participating and will deliver a channeled message unique to this time in our collective evolution. They are simply an experience in and of itself to feel and hear from them. 

There is a Synchronicity being experienced that is providing answer’s, possibilities and realities for those who have participated in the most amazing way.

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Join in this Miraculous experience. You will Thank Yourself for saying YES.



Hear from a few who have experienced this process:

“WOW thank you for the most amazing session EVER!!!  Gosh it was so amazing in fact there are no words to describe it and even Thank You is totally inadequate.  I am having doors open and things line up like I could never have imagined! I am happy even and not getting caught up in the drama around me at work!”

“Pam, my session today was absolutely life changing!! I cannot remember when I last felt this good and positive! I really love this vibration and feel that I ascended many levels today and it feels amazing!

“I woke the next day still feeling as amazing as I did right after the session. It is also as if the answer’s are right here! I just had to be in the same vibration to see them!”

“I am noticing impressions and inspirations are right here. My direction and focus with my new business is more clear and conscious. I know it is because of the session I had with you. A million thank you’s”


What else am I noticing? People are saying they feel Happy! They are manifesting situation and solutions to what had felt like problems effortlessly. Things are showing up in the most amazing way. The results of this Soul Unification are ongoing and continue even after the original session takes place.

If you feel ready to more fully Remember Who You are and feel more aligned with your Truth and what you came here to do, this process is for you.




  1. the process of being united or made into a whole.
    Photo Credit: Rich Hernandez