September Equinox Transmission

 September Equinox Transmission

September 23rd

As one season comes to a close and a new one begins, there is a palatable feeling of change in the air. Change can be welcomed or uncomfortable. Which do you choose?

This Equinox invites a focused look at: what would you like to experience and accomplish during the last 3 months of 2019?

Reevaluate, Let Go, Commit

These words are the whispers of the Great Beings of Light who are assisting us and guiding in our personal and planetary evolution. Look at the words again, Reevaluate, Let go and Commit and let the feelings that they spark arise. They represent an opportunity for the change that you are creating. This is a distinct time to go within deeply and make reevaluations, let go of what is not serving you and commit. In the commitment to your new choices there is an instinctive power that assists you in making new habits Best of all; YOU get to choose your experiences.

During the Equinox the Sun will move into 0º Libra; the sign of ‘balanced scales.’ Day and night will be of equal length and when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator there is equal distance between the North and South Poles, reducing the polarity in the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  This creates an opening between dimensions inviting a distinct clear connection into the higher realms, your Divine home origin.

What a great and fascinating opportunity for a Divine Alignment into the truth of who you are.

In order to take full advantage of all that is available your focus and attention is required.


Join me, The Leahona along with The New Friends, Beings of Light and All That Is in a transmission of the Equinox codes of light, Divine Messages and insights and a time of preparation for the Equinox peak on September 23rd at 3:50 am EDT.

We will gather via the web in sacred space as I guide you in a beautiful Energy Transmission to clear patterns, habits and energies not serving you, bringing more light frequencies to assist you for your highest good to walk in Freedom, Ease & Accomplishment.

This Transmission was held in the Equinox Portal and is a timeless body of work. You may participate at anytime and experience the profound Portal and the Shifts that are available.


  • Alignment with your Whole Divine Self
  • A Raise your vibration and consciousness
  • More connected with your Heart’s Wisdom
  • All That Is will deliver timely messages of insights and initiations of light

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The Event will be recorded for you to experience the event in present time at any time.