Your Sacred Journey to Whole Being Enlightenment

743000_rock_climbing_victoryWe have successfully emerged from the duality and struggle of the 3rd Dimension in this Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness. As we stand in the new energy of the 5th Dimension Do You Wonder, Now What?

Join me in a beautiful journey of expansion as we clear away the remaining blocks, limitations and beliefs (many not even yours!) and old habits that are not aligned with the higher dimensions. 

What is needed to walk with ease and balance in the new earth energies?

The use of our heightened Intuition and Spiritual Gifts. A deeper Sense of Self and alignment of all our Bodies, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental into Wholeness.

What must take place first? The releasing at the deepest Cellular level the residue imprint of:

  • Victim and Abuse experiences
  • Belief we are separate from our Source
  • Feeling of no power or control over our lives

With these clearings complete we will remove the enlightenment blocking sabotaging emotions of: Shame, Blame and Guilt.

Being FREE of these experiences and energies allows you to finally and fully step into the most essential of all requirement:

Self Acceptance, Self Appreciation and Self Love

With the Divine Guidance in the creation of this class I am assisted by those I work most frequently with: Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Yeshua, Master Kuthumi. The Divine Feminine Triad of: Anna, Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene.

Connecting over the Web in a 3 part series class (and 5th bonus class)each class lasting about 2 1/2 hours, Three Sunday’s in November: 2nd, 9th 16th and 23rd

Each class will be channeled clearings and activation as guided by these same Evolutionary Guides that assisted in the creation of this series and are guides in my daily life. You may attend by phone, Skype or over the Internet. Each class will be recorded for your replay.

Have you felt a separateness in your Spiritual Side and your Everyday Life?

It is now possible and necessary to merging all aspects of you. As you create this merging you will feel more true to yourself, more empowered and a sense of calm in your body. You will find the high’s and low’s to balance out and your ability to OBSERVE rather than REACT in life’s situations will be a part of how you operate.

It’s time to realize YES< you can be masterful and more fully living your purpose now! Yes, even with all your self perceived flaws and imperfections! Even in the life you live with those around you, who are on different paths and in different places in their personal growth.

We will draw in the Law of Allowing to release the destructing patterns of needing to “fix others.”


This Sacred Journey to Whole Being Enlightenment will include and not be limited to:

  • First: clear the filters and access your Inherent Divine Perception of Self
  • Clear Fear of Survival off 1st Chakra and Create the intended state of Wellbeing
  • Becoming Aware of and drawing in more of the Christed Matrix within Your heart
  • Create a deeper connection with the Angels and your guides
  • Connect more fully with your Flawless Inner Guidance System and your higher self
  • Access and Anchor in your Hidden Spiritual Gifts and Abilities for your Inherent Success

 Join me on this amazing Sacred Journey


If you feel the sense of nudge and push even to do more and be more in your life this class is for you.

Are you ready to say YES! to the biggest Transformation of your life yet?!

Your first step:

You will receive by email a link to participate in an energy session as a prerequisite class to access your:

Inherent Divine Perception of Self.

This Transmission and Attunment was created in the Equinox energies and will create the foundation necessary for this path of Whole Being Enlightenment. You must participate in this before we begin our first class together.

Class Schedule: Sunday’s November 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd at 3 pm EDT, Atlanta GA time.

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BONUS: Prerequisite Class:

Value: $147

Life Value: Experiencing oneself as the Divine YOU are? Priceless!

Replay of: September Equinox Transmission & Attunement:

For several weeks my healing guides have prompted me to create a Healing Vortex during this powerful Equinox. A catalyst for you; in shifting your limiting self perception by Activating:

Your Inherent Divine Perception of Self.

Shifting your perception away from the false, filtered habit that was not in alignment with your true self. This activation has thrust those who have participated forward in their journeys like lightening.

 You will be in this Equinox vortex in present time when you participate whenever that is! This will be an activation to listen to several times as it will be very layered and each time you listen your consciousness will expand and anchor in the higher frequencies of light and activate YOUR Inherent Divine Perception of Self. Please participate in this 42 minute energy transmission before our first class together. Please listen in a quiet, uninterrupted space. Be ready! The energy in this is huge!

recorded bonus classes:

Each class is filled with tips and essential energy tools or healing sessions you can use right away to assist and support your everyday life.

Do you find you take on others drama and energy? Do you FEEL world events or everyday stresses that aren’t even yours in your space? Enjoy these two Essential Energy Tools Recordings:The Grounding Cord and The Rose Tools and walk in Ease and Peace without being the effect of others energy or world events.

With The Rose Tool:  you create a boundary line at the edge of your energy field, you are more able to keep YOU in your space and other energy OUT of your space.



 A Value of: $150

Life Value: Less of Other peoples “stuff” in YOUR experience=Less Drama





Creating and Attaching The Grounding Cord creates an exit point for electro~magnetic energy to leave your bodies. Thoughts hold an electric frequency and charge, emotions are magnetic. We become a collection of our own thoughts and feelings as well as others! When you have a grounding cord in place, connecting you to the Earth, you feel safe. You have a way to release these energies which in turn allow you to be more present in your body and in present time, less scattered and in motion.


Harvest Full Moon HealingFull Harvest Moon

Dissolve into the gentle healing in this 25 minute energy session created during the Harvest Super Full Moon of September. With the Color Codes and Light from Source you will be surrounded with Ease and Angelic Support.

Value: $77 Life Value: Nurturing, Healing & Transformation

woman-meditating-20-ways-stop-aller_650x366Ground, Release & Create Peace

Experience Peace Ease & Comfort in this 25 minute guided energy session. Using Sacred Geometry we create a template of Peace, Ease & Comfort sending a Ripple to all.

Value: $77 Life Value: Transformation