Your Sacred Journey of Love & Happiness

Answering The Invitation from Divine Mother to BE the Love you are and Experience Happiness Now.

 This is a timeless body of work, recorded for you to participate at the most Divine timing for you. With your purchase you will receive downloads of each class.

When gathering in Purpose and Unity there is great power.  This is the time to expand our Consciousness and look up! We are here to Re-Connect ourselves: Soul, Spirit IN Body. In Whole~BEingness we connect our Divine I AM to Source.  We came to Hold the Dream and Create Heaven on Earth.

Divine Mother says, “The time to be connected as the Divine you are, in your Sacred Heart is NOW”

We are being called to gather by: Archangel’s Uriel, Zadkiel & Michael, Anna, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and the hosts of Heaven. With Yeshua and Divine Mother at the lead.

During our Gathering of: Angels, Alchemy and Alignment we opened a door to a higher consciousness and 5 D way of BEing.



As we crossed this threshold into an expanded way of BEing in the 5 D, a great opportunity was also created. We have an opportunity to create together a Template; A Sacred Journey to experiencing The Love that we ARE and BE Happy.

During this 3 week Sacred Journey we will gather in Group Mentoring following this Template:

  • 3 Classes of Energy Work, Expansion and Enlightenment with a message from the Divine
  • Create and anchor in new habits with assistance of: mp 3 recordings, Energy Tools sent following each class
  • Receive a mid week channeled message of insights and instruction from: Divine Mother 1st then Yeshua the following week.

Together we will release 3 D experiences and habits that do not serve us and even block us from being connected to our Higher Mind and I AM presence.


The most important releasing; the blocks to our experiencing full happiness and Loving Our Self.

These are our Divine Right’s. We came to Experience Ourselves in Joy and Love

Using the Tools of Alchemy, Color Codes and the guidance of the Divine Presence’s lead we will transform the old and create ourselves in a 5 D alignment of Love and Happy.

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Directly after your purchase, Class 1 will be delivered to your email inbox for you to begin Your Journey followed by the subsequent classes.

Are you ready to be the Love that YOU are and experience more Love?