Sacred Adventure 2020

Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Messenger Announces:

Sacred Adventure 2020

A perfect completion to 2020- Experiencing a Sacred Adventure. For the 5th consecutive year, together with the Archangels, I am pleased to co-create and facilitate this years Sacred Adventure.

December is a time of wonder, with festivities and celebrations. Our senses are engaged more than any other time of the year by the lights, colors, sounds, and tastes. Traditions are deep and memories are rich. The heavenly veils are thin, and the angelic support is so close its practically tangible.

This years Sacred Adventure offers even more. It will be one like no other before it. This holiday season holds 2 eclipses~a Lunar Eclipse on November 29/30 and a Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th. Eclipses are “game changers” that offer rapid transformation.

Sacred Adventure 2020 will and add peace, joy and love to your life and illuminate your path and purpose into 2021

Our Sacred Adventure begins on November 29th~The first day of Advent, and during the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.

The eclipse is assisting in clearing away baggage of the previous 6 months and re-setting emotions. It is a wonderful catalyst for positive change.

With 2020 close to completion, being mindful of what to release in preparation for 2021 is essential.

  • The benefit of gathering together during the Sacred season, and during this unique time in our history is immeasurable.
  • Led by Divine in the moment guidance and insights, expect powerful shifts in timelines and awakenings into what is possible now.
  • Unconscious habits that have kept you stuck in 3 D ways will be dismantled and new platforms will be accessed and anchored in.
  • With more attention to the Divine during this time more light baths the planet than any other time of the year.

Sacred Adventure 2020 is a Divine multi layered Co-creation – filled with possibilities.

What do you desire to create and be more of during this holiday season?

This Sacred Adventure will gather 5 times over the web:

Sunday November 29th 11 am EST*

Sunday December 6th 11 am EST

Sunday December 13th at 11 am EST

Sunday December 20th at 11 am EST~Solstice Transmission

Sunday December 27th at 11 am EST

(each event will be recorded for replay)

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Our Divine Guides include:

Archangel Gabriel, The Divine Messenger connecting us with words and messages from All That Is

Archangel Uriel, The Divine Companion assists with comfort and implementing codes of light and sound into physical

Archangel Raphael, Known as God’s Healer assisting you with healing in all levels.

With Adama, Yeshua and The Divine Feminine Triad: Anna, Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene.

For the first time we are gifted with the presence and assistance of The Goddess Tara joined with the Elementals.

Tarra brings great compassion, liberation, wisdom, love and is the connection with Mother Earth and the Elementals.

As The Christed Consciousness has expanded and new filaments of golden pink light are present among us and will enhancing throughout this event.

Indeed, All That Is will be present and assisting in all ways.

If you are ready to be catapulted in your personal transformation, with the Divine leading the way, this Sacred Adventure 2020 is for you.

Some of what will take place:

  • Work within the New Chakra System
  • Expand the Love within your Sacred Heart
  • Crystalline Activation in the 6th chakra and the Pineal Gland
  • Express healing through the etheric Body into The Physical Body
  • Bring your awareness into the higher frequency realms that are here

Do you desire to know yourself and be of service as the divine you are? Then this Sacred Adventure is for you!

What Else will take place:

  • Broadcast Energy Transmissions Sent Throughout the Event
  • Personal Requests may be added to the Energy Transmissions

All will be recorded and available for your download and replay.

“We lovingly encourage and invite you to join.”  Archangels: Gabriel, Uriel & Raphael.

Exchange Payment: 3 different options for you to choose from: $111 or $133 or $155.

You will receive: 5 in the moment Gatherings, broadcast energy sessions, channeled messages, tips and tools and more to navigate the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Please click the Drop Down tab to select your payment choice, then click the Buy Now Button to make your exchange and join

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Brief Synopsis of each gathering:

While each gathering is an in the moment creation with energy work, insights, channeled messages and more; a specific purpose is contained in each such as:

November 29th: Step into the sacred spaces that is the Sacred Adventure 2020; learn the template, meet the beloved guides, and hear messages. Set your personal intention as together we step into the Eclipse Portal to bring closures and expansions of personal consciousness and your evolution.

December 6th: In the template of the Sacred Adventure, guided by the Leahona Compass, with the guides release deeply held attachments that no longer serve you. Meet your new guides and align in the template you are most capable of being on now. Adama will invite you to the inner earth celebration at Telos and share how to experience and benefit from this. This will be a full and beautiful gathering.

December 13th: Gathering during the Total Solar Eclipse, and the 12.12 portal, new beginnings will be the key focus as more crystalline light enter the physical bodies in preparation for the upcoming Solstice. The 3rd eye and Pineal gland will be enhanced for your deeper connection to self and source and activate more intuition and trust in self.

December 20th: We gather with the Divine to be in and experience The Solstice. The heavenly realms open up and pour out a blessings upon all. Multi-verses gather to participate in this most unprecedented event in the history of our evolution. YOU play a key role and your participation is requested.

December 27th: We gather during the “in-between.” When the holiday’s are through there is an in-between void. A time of rest and reflection. The feeling that the guests have returned home, and a let down may be felt. This is a valuable time to gather, notice and prepare to take all the wonderful advancements that are YOU forward into 2021. The guides will give council and support. Together we will close the Sacred Adventure with gratitude and love.

Pam Rennie~The Leahona=Your Guide, Alchemist and Channel for this Sacred Adventure.