Sacred Adventure 2019

Archangel Gabriel the Divine Messenger Announces:

A Sacred Adventure 2019



“Let us gather during this Sacred Season of celebration when the veil’s are most thin and the connection to the Divine so pure.”  Archangel Gabriel


Each December there is celebration both on earth and in the heavenly realms. As this holy time of celebration rings throughout; the veils part and thin, and more light codes bathe the planet.


This is a time to be as a little child filled with wonder, excitement and hope as miracles unfold and love deepens.


The holiday season is also a busy time which can lead to a hectic pace and poor self care.  The whispers of the Divine may be missed. The beauty all around in the sights, sounds and joy in the season may be overlooked.

This Sacred Adventure is designed to add to your Way of BEing; that you may experience the Abundance of Rich Blessings as you navigate through your day with more Peace, Ease, Joy and Love.

The Divine will share tips and tools and ways to keep your vibration high.  Previous experiences not favorable will be released as will habits and patterns not serving you. The Divine will lovingly remind you to choose your experiences for yourself and not be the effect of others. As you do this you will be filling your cup, giving to yourself. With your cup full of Peace, Ease and all that you choose; a ripple effect will be sending those vibrations out to all. Vibrations that invite them to also choose and notice what they wish to experience.


You will be in the flow of the most beautiful part of the season: Receiving for yourself  and Giving to others. 


The Ascended Masters have called this Sacred Adventure into creation, that you may have the opportunity to make the most of all this Holy season has to offer. These Masters are filled with compassion for you as they were also in a body walking this Earth. They wish to impart you with insights, wisdom and love.


Many Masters and Archangels have gathered to co-create and will participate in this Sacred Adventure. Leading the way and participating in each gathering will be:

Master Yeshua

Master Lady Nada

Master Mother Mary


Each Master bring their own unique gifts and the divine attributes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy to assist you during this time of Giving and Receiving.

This is an opportunity to further awaken your spiritual gifts and draw in the insights and wisdom to you. “It is time to use your gifts” Lady Nada

This is a time for:

  • Love and Loving
  • Awareness and Action
  • Information and Insight

The guides wish for you to know more about them, new insights even and know more about the sacred connection and agreements you have with them in this Evolutionary Shift.

Join me, Pam Rennie as The Leahona and facilitator in this series of divinely led gatherings; created for the purpose of utilizing and experiencing all that is available during this holy holiday season.

Sacred Adventure 2019 Gatherings via webinar:

Each will take place at 11 am EST* and be a little over an hour of time. (They will be recorded)*time clock converter

  • Wednesday December 4th
  • Sunday December 8th
  • Sunday December 15th
  • Sunday December 29th**

**Meeting on 12.29 is a first for this Sacred Adventure. Between Christmas and New Year’s the energy is about doors closing and new ones opening.  A purposeful time to meet.  Completions for 2019 will be made and you will prepare to step into the new decade empowered and aware of what is presenting. You will learn more about the great alignment on 1.12.20

2 bonus gatherings opportunities are part of this series:

Channeled Message on 12.12 and

Sacred Solstice Transmission on 12.21

6 times to come together, raise your vibration and remember who you are and and be that Love.

  • Enjoy true Peace with Lady Master Nada
  • Smile As Mother Mary imparts you with Joy
  • Experience having more Hope With Archangel Gabriel
  • Bask in the Love of the Creator presented through  Yeshua

“You are here in a body on this beloved Mother Earth at this time for a grand purpose. Be on Purpose.” Yeshua

The Sacred Adventure begins on December 1st, 2019 when we will gather, step into the Sacred Template that is The sacred Adventure, meet the guides, set the energy and intentions for the season and experience all this grand co-creation offers: Love, Peace, Ease, Hope, Joy and much more. “Will you join? We would so love to have you” All The Guides


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“Come, let us nurture you, assist and guide you with love and joy.” Mother Mary

Note from Pam~The Leahona: as I have sat with the Masters and Archangel in creation of this series, then energy has been blissful, happy and so peaceful. The feeling of quiet as you witness a snowfall late at night; the stillness, nothing moving but the falling snow and beauty as it blankets all. There is a comfort like being wrapped in a warm blanket that is like a hug from the Divine. Comfort, Peace and Beauty are at the foundation of this series. Blessings.
The 2019 Holiday Season is filled with opportunities and is a time to take notice and choose how you wish to experience yourself.