Sacred Adventure 2018



Archangel Gabriel the Divine Messenger Announces:

Sacred Adventure 2018

“This is the time to Know Thy Self and feel a Joy never before available” Archangel Gabriel

With 2018 close to completion, anchor in your best experiences and advancements from this year and bring a closure to this segment of your journey, in preparation for 2019.

In Numerology 2019 is a 3 year.  Personal happiness, fulfillment are central to a 3 year. Clearing sources of unhappiness will be essential.


Sacred Adventure 2018 will prepare you to step into 2019.  You will have a grounded foundation in what is unique to you being HAPPY.


  • With the benefits of gathering together and led by Divine in the moment guidance and insights, expect powerful shifts in timelines and awakenings into what is possible now.
  • Loops of habits that have kept you stuck in  3 D ways will be dismantled and new platforms will be accessed and experienced for more successful creations.
  • We gather during the Sacred Season when celebrations take place, more focus is on the Divine and more light bathes the planet than any other time.


This Sacred Adventure is a Divine multi layered Co-creation and filled with possibilities awaiting you to choose.

This Sacred Adventure will gather 4 times over the web:

Sunday December 9th 11 am EST

Channeled message December 12th 11 am EST

Sunday December 16th 11 am EST

Each gathering experience will prepare you for the final gathering of:

The Solstice Transmission December 21st 11 am EST

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Led by Yeshua, Divine Mother,  All the Archangels, The Triad of Divine Feminine and The New Friends, with Archangels Gabriel, Uriel and Chamuel at the lead


Archangel Gabriel, The Divine Messenger connecting us with words and messages from All That Is

Archangel Uriel, The Divine Companion assists with comfort and implementing codes of light and sound into physical

Archangel Chamuel The Archangel of Love assists your Soul Purpose to live that with Clarity, Purpose and Empowerment

The Divine Feminine: Nurturing, Love & Acceptance


If you are ready to be catapulted in your personal transformation, with the Divine leading the way, this Sacred Journey is for you


What will take place:

  • Clear Self-sabotage & self doubt
  • Clear loops of 3 D habit that keep repeating
  • Connect with your new guides
  • Become more aware of your soul’s purpose
  • Bring healing into the etheric Body and The Physical Body
  • Learn the new ways of creating
  • Clarity, Purpose and Empowerment.

If You Desire to Know Yourself and Bridge the Connection of You Being the Divine You Are, This Sacred Adventure is for you.

What Else will take place:

  • Daily Energy Transmissions Sent Throughout the Event
  • Q and A after each Gathering

This Adventure will be recorded and available for your download and replay.

“We lovingly encourage and invite you to join.”  Archangels: Gabriel, Uriel & Chamuel

Exchange Payment is $111 for the 4 Gatherings

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