Sacred Adventure 2017

We have hidden our true selves in order to fit in and conform. We have silenced our voices and hidden our Divine Spiritual Gifts.

Even in our awakenings we have operated in old habits and belief systems.

 Archangel Gabriel announces: Sacred Adventure 2017

“Now is The Time To Be the Love and Light That You Are In the Divine Expression of your I AM presence.”

*Gathering via the web three times:

  • Sunday December 10th at 11 am EST
  • Sunday December 17th 11 am EST
  • Special Solstice Transmission: Thursday December 21st at 11 am EST

2017 has been an intense year as our physical bodies needed to catch up with our tremendous spiritual growth. Our Physical bodies are needing attention and intention. It is time for a Divine Alignment

The gathering’s on 12.10 & 12.17  will prepare us for the Solstice Transmission on 12.21. During the Solstice Energetic’s of the Christed Consciousness that have never before been on the the Earth will be ushered in through the portal opening. We will receive these vibrational frequencies to hold and reflect.

What an amazing opportunity this is!

Master Kuthumi shared, “during the fall of consciousness our chakra systems altered, creating the sense of separation from our physical bodies.” We have awakened to the knowing we are Divine Multi- Dimensional Spiritual Beings yet the importance and connection of the physical body was a missing piece.

 Bridging the Divine connection with our physical body is the next step into Awakening into and being Who You Are.

With Divine Assistance, let us release limiting patterns and programs as we stand in and be the Divine Expression of our I AM presence in one unified body.

Archangels Uriel, Michael, Metatron and Lord Mataria are the leaders in the creation of this Sacred Adventure 2017 template.

In this gathering series lower vibrating patterns may be re- patterned with the Guidance and Assistance of the Divine GuidesTools of Alchemy, Ray’s of Creation and Color Codes.

 In this Sacred Adventure 2017:

  • Release Separation from your physical body
  • Step into Divine Relationship with your physical body
  • Upgrade your Internal Navigation system and Soul Compass
  • Awaken more fully to what is available for you now in this Evolutionary Shift
  • Become more familiar and consistent with being in your Divine Alignment, walking in the World but not of the World

This will be a Sacred Adventure of Self Discovery as you align with and expand into your Most Divine Expression of Self

The Realms of All that Is including: The Divine Feminine Triad of: Anna, Mother Mary and Mary Magadalene as well as The New Friends will also be participating all for your highest good and brightest expansion.

To participate and join the Sacred Adventure please click the Buy Now button to pay via the secure PayPal system.

The exchange is: $77

*this is a timeless body of work that will be recorded. You will be in present time whenever you participate if you are not available during the live transmissions.