Sacred Adventure

Archangel Gabriel is the Herald announcing that a Sacred Adventure is taking place

(This is a timeless body of work, recorded for you to participate at the most Divine timing for you. With your purchase you will receive downloads of each class)


Advent: The arrival of a notable person or event. Adventure: An exciting or unusual experience.

Join Archangel Uriel, Yeshua and the Divine Feminine triad: Anna, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene with Divine Mother at the lead for the purpose of stepping into:

“The Field of Possibilities” and “Create Your Intended Reality”.

3 Gatherings Session

With 2 Sessions of Divine Channeled Messages

Gift yourself with this time of Self Discovery and Self Love that you maybe be The Love that You Are, Walking your Sacred Journey with Ease, Grace and Happiness


Archangel Uriel is the leader in the creation of this Sacred Adventure template, he shared with me: “Suppressed emotions and patterns of habit playing out in unconscious ways are not in alignment with our Spiritual Nature and our Divine Self.  Many of these patterns are not even in your awareness and yet they play out in our daily lives. They are uncomfortable, limiting and not serving you in your Personal Evolution.

We have hidden our true selves from our own light. We have hidden from our Divine Spiritual Gifts. This was part of our “survival” mechanism. Archangel Gabriel announces: “Beloved, come forth and Be the Love and Light that you are. Now is the time.” 

Let us complete these limiting old patterns and prepare to stand in and be the Divine Expression we are. This is the Timeline for you to Shine Big and Be Bright.

In this gathering series these lower vibrating patterns may be re- patterned with the Guidance and Assistance of the Divine GuidesTools of Alchemy, Ray’s of Creation and Color Codes into self expressions you choose to experience yourself in.  A conscious creation of what you wish to be more of:

Certain, Confidant, Commanding with a Gracious Expression, Happy and…

What would YOU choose to be your platform to experience yourself?

In this Sacred Adventure:

  • The Divine Feminine Triad will step in to support and assist you
  • You will experience and become familiar with each of their personal expressions and traits.
  • You will learn to communicate with them and deepen your ability to commune with Source
  • Become more familiar and consistent with being in your Divine Alignment, walking in the World but not of the World

This will be a Sacred Adventure of Self Discovery leading to your Divine Self Expression

Divine Mother says, “Your Participation in this Sacred Journey will be one of the most extraordinary experiences of your year.”


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Class format: Divine messages and insights on the specific topics and in the moment information, Energy Clearing and Activation, Channeled Messages in the time frame of approximately up to 1 hour and 30 minutes


*Archangel Gabriel credit photo: IET Angel Blessing Cards