Releasing & Transforming Layers Of Shame

Divine Light in Denver Colorado


With each awakening and expansion the opportunity to release out dated vibrations and experiences becomes available.

The Result? Further enlightenment. More Clarity and a deeper knowing of your purpose.

As The Evolutionary Shift gains momentum, releasing layers of Shame, Anger, Self-Judgement and Self Doubt is essential.

Self-Judgement and Shame go hand and hand. Think of the last time you were upset with yourself, what emotions did you feel? Chances are good Shame was present, even if you were unaware.

Do you notice you are hard on yourself? Do you expect more of yourself since you are on a Spiritual path and have made great progress and change?

Message from The New Friends:

We wish you to be happy in your experiences and have joyful moments in your creations and successes.  Be pleased with yourself and do not confuse being perfect with being a Spiritual Being. You may fall out of alignment with your 5th Dimensional self and your Divine Connections and how you walk in those vibrations of Ease, Peace, Certainty. It is not for you to feel badly about yourself if you do, but to notice what has triggered a 3rd Dimensional reaction that you may consciously clear them away and choose differently.

This is an important time of becoming more empowered. More awakened to your Divine Self and your Connection to Source. We desire to assist you in this awakening. We desire to assist you in stepping out of the painful constructs of abuse, victim, shame and more. The purpose,that you may not be in the duality, misaligned as a Divine Human who is connected to source and is Divine yet holds shame and lower vibrations in your physicality. We are here to be of assistance to you. We are the Divine Beings called, The New Friends.


A Joy Filled Time

What you will experience:

  • Channeled Messages from Divine Mother Sophia and The New Friends
  • A Release of 3 D Emotions from your physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies
  • Divine Codes of Light will be brought into your chakra system and it will be balanced in Well Being
  • With Color Codes and The Ray’s Of Creation and the 9th Ray of Sound will Be Used to Create the Transformation
  • Through Sacred Alchemy we will create higher vibrating words and ways of being to assist in your moving forward, being The Love that You are.
  • A lightness of Being, Feeling of Empowerment and a new sense of self will be accessed as you connect with Your Soul and Christed OverSoul

What you will feel:

  • Nurtured & loved
  • Light-filled & peaceful
  • Connected to Source & your guides
  • A sense of being different, noticing a change
  • More centered & present with focus & clarity
  • In your Divine Alignment being more of you
Answering the Divine Call to Gather for the purpose of assisting in the  Releasing & Transforming the Layers of Shame.  This webinar, gathering will be facilitated by me, Pam Rennie, The Leahona and led by the Angelic Realm, The Divine Feminine, with Mother Sophia at the lead with The New Friends and All That Is.

With your sign up you will be emailed the link to attend via the session recording

Please Sign up here:


The gathering will be recorded and hold all the energetics and intentions as the live event.

Please join as you feel prompted to do so. Together we make a difference for you, for us and for all of humanity.

Blessings, The Leahona