Heart Point Technique

Heart Point Technique Master Pam Rennie Presents:

Amplified Energy Healing
& Divine Inspiration for Life Transformation
Featuring H
eart Point Technique (HPT)


  • Are you aware of your awakening, but aren’t sure how to navigate the new energies?
  • Do you feel that something is blocking your personal growth or progress, but don’t know exactly what or how to remove it permanently?
  • Are you a Master healer with an elevated need for refined energy work? or looking for YOUR healer?
  • Do you desire more Inspiration in your life? more joy? more energy?
  • Are you ready to experience a life overflowing with grace and ease?

With a gifted luminary as your guide, you experience real-world results and so much more with a customized, in-the-moment approach, inspired and implemented exclusively for your highest benefit.

You are supported and facilitated with a full range of spiritual and energetic modalities including (but not limited to):

  • divine assistance of ascended masters and archangels
  • tools of alchemy (the ability to transform one possibility into another)
  • heightened intuition, crystalline vision and keen perception

All these comprise the elements that translate into real-world results: Joyful Inspiration, True Healing and Life Transformation. Specializing in supporting the newly-awakened, as well as Master healers,if you’re ready right now, we can begin today!

Heart Point Technique, gifted by the Divine Feminine,
propels a miraculous transformation and Soul evolution.

~ Pam Rennie


What is Heart Point Technique?

Heart Point Technique (HPT) is an inspired spiritual/energy healing modality. Designed specifically to be nurturing, yet powerful and effective in permanently shifting barriers to progress, it was given to Rebecca Marina, Seer and Energy Healer, by the Divine Feminine. As one of the first certified practitioners to obtain Mastery level, I am fully-equipped to assist you in your healing.

How does Heart Point Technique work?

Using soothing, Light-source energy from the Divine, this simple and innovative modality connects you to the deep, innate wisdom held within your heart, which is essential to all healing. During your session, you are skillfully escorted through the process with ease, in divine harmony and perfect rhythm, based on what you need most. You play an active role in your own healing, but the best part is, there is nothing for you to actually do during the process, except receive the insights as they naturally present themselves.

The most prominent difference between HPT and other energetic healing methods is that your inner wisdom is accessed quickly and directly to reveal absolute truth. By going directly to the core–or heart–of the matter, the resulting illumination is often the key that unlocks your protective heart-gate, allowing for complete healing.

What issues can Heart Point Technique clear?

Whether your current circumstance involves physical, emotional or spiritual issues, with Heart Point Technique you gain direct access to the subconscious awareness or patterning recreating the issue. In one session, it is common to become fully conscious of the dynamics and eliminate blocks once-and-for-all.

Superior processes consistently deliver superior results. Because the Heart Point Technique healing modality is ever-evolving, you benefit directly from my ongoing commitment to continuing education. Certified in Inspiration Coaching, Money & Abundance Coaching, as well as Relationship Healing, there is not one life circumstance that cannot be healed at the core with HPT.

What are the benefits of Heart Point Technique?

The benefits of HPT are numerous, but satisfied clients regularly report:

  •  Lightness (both physical and emotional)
  • Blocks released; new insights gained
  • Ease-of-being
  • Clarity of life purpose
  • Activation of new intuitive skills
  • Alignment with their true selves
  • Transformation

Regardless of your unique situation, in addition to a greater awareness, sessions consistently leave you uplifted, inspired and energized. Now is the perfect moment to say, “Yes!” Catapult your personal growth; pave the way to bliss; ignite your healing. Facilitated by the “healer’s healer,” you will be amazed at what miracles unfold in a mere 60 minutes. Make your appointment and experience results today.   


After only one session: Pam Rennie is a Healer of Healers.”

“After three sessions with Pam, all the stories I’ve told my whole life– that have formed me as the person I knew myself to be–have collapsed. What’s remarkable is: I don’t feel very different; I just feel right. HPT is just part of it. The key is Pam’s brilliance as a healer.

“I am an energy therapist and I have sought ‘my healer’ for awhile. I am judicious about the practitioners I trust to work with me and with whom I choose to invest my money. Pam does not disappoint.

Working with Pam is both gentle and profound. It doesn’t feel like the earth shakes; however, for the first time in my life I now feel like a heavy cloak of sadness has been lifted. Working on the mother wound had a profound effect on my relationship with my mother; our relationship is completely healed.

If you’re ready to be transformed, I highly recommend Pam’s support.

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