Divine Messages

Awakening my Clairaudience took place at my very first Heart Point Technique certification when Archangel Gabriel came to me. I was in awe then and still am of the many gifts of insight, wisdom and guidance the Spiritual gift of Clairaudience brings. These personal messages always come with such love and wisdom and are awe inspiring.

A Divine Message Session is perfect if you are seeking guidance and answers to questions such as:

  • Clarity around Your Life Purpose
  • Physical Issues
  • Relationships
  • Not Hearing Answers on Your Own
  • Feeling Lost or Confused

Or, anything not listed that is drawing you to wish you had someone to assist and guide you.

A portion of the session time will be in a conversation format with the opportunity for you to engage in asking questions.

Read this from a beloved: “In channeled messages from Pam Rennie, Sacred Journey Mentor, I have received: Love, support, showered with unity, elevated, empowered, connected, adored, healing, energized, felt Invincible, Confidant that everything is OK. I don’t feel alone. I feel their awareness of me. Aware and Interested.” Monica Bastian of The Luminous Heart Center

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful and powerful session! I felt so humbled and loved. 
I was saying I had been in my head lately but today I was in my heart and I had the most amazing day with my boys. We spent time down the beach and we were all really connected & harmonious. It was just joyful & easy. 
I am so grateful, thanks again.” Claire Marie Barton
Pam works with a vast team of Ascended Masters such as, Yeshua (the given name of Jesus Christ), Master Kuthumi and Sanat Kumara. The Triad of Divine Feminine: Anna, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene,  Lords of Light, Angels and Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Zadkiel and Metatron.  As well as a group of Evolved Beings called: The New Friends

Come with questions to ask in a conversation with The Divine Guides or simply to ask and receive their words of wisdom to support you.

Divine Guidance Messages~Choose this option if you are looking for answers and desire some clear guidance and inspiration. Session will be recorded.

Session exchange is $77

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After your exchange is received I will contact you to arrange our session time.

Please email me at: pam@pamrennie.com with any questions

 “Pam’s insightful wit is such a blessing to receive! Her guidance is extremely powerful yet lighthearted and in the end you feel like you are being transformed through laughter! Her service is a true gift to the world!” Antonia Lyons Evoking Grace
“I had a Divine Guidance reading by Pam today and she gave me a in depth message from my guides and it was very powerful. Also Archangel Michael gave my very clear direction about my path as a healer. Beautiful work Pam!” Shashsona