One on One Sessions

Experience a personal session with Heart Point Technique (HPT) Master, Integrated Energy Practitioner®, Alchemist and Channel Pam Rennie; a gifted mentor and way-shower.

 My passion is to assist you in remembering who you are, connect you with your soul’s purpose, awaken your Spiritual Gift’s and Be who you came here to be. 

With a team of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Lords of Light and Elohim as guides, as The Leahona I am, I assist you in releasing any limiting beliefs, stumbling blocks and confusions; accessing more clarity of purpose, more peace and more happy in your journey through your every day life. 

Experience real-life results: Joyful Inspiration, True Healing and Life Transformation. Specializing in supporting the newly-awakened, as well as Master healers, if you’re ready right now, we can begin today! With a customized, in-the-moment approach, inspired and implemented exclusively for your highest benefit, you will receive exactly what you need most, such as:

    • Lightness (both physical and emotional)
    • Blocks released; new insights gained
    • Habits dismantled; new templates created
    • Ease-of-being
    • Clarity of life purpose
    • Activation of new intuitive skills
    • Alignment with your true self
    • Transformation

Do you feel that something is blocking your personal growth or progress, but don’t know exactly what or how to release it?


  • transition+transformation support your emotional, spiritual, energetic AND physical transitions and transformations
  • energy healing+divine inspiration
 for whole-life transformation and inspired messages
  • stand in your power sessions for empowering

“I have healed and grown, with your direction in ways, I never thought I could.”  Terri

“I had the most remarkable healing session with Pam Rennie. It was incredible. So much lightness of being. Pam is a healer of healers.” Andi S.

“The growth I have accomplished in working with you is miraculous. I am Blessed”.  J. J.

 Each session is a customized, in-the-moment approach, inspired and implemented exclusively for your highest benefit. You are supported and facilitated with a full range of spiritual and energetic modalities including (but not limited to):

  • divine assistance of ascended masters and archangels
  • tools of alchemy (the ability to transform one possibility into another)
  • heightened intuition, crystalline vision and keen perception

“The word ‘transformation’ doesn’t begin to describe the experience I had after my session with Pam. There is not other practitioner who can facilitate healing so quickly and deeply.”

~ Charlon Bobo, Santa Cruz, CA

To schedule a session choose an option below and click on the highlighted session description. All payments made through PayPal (please note you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service) I will contact you shortly after to schedule your day and time.  

$147 | one session, 60 minutes

$411 | 3 Session Special (save $30)

Divine Guidance Messages~Choose this option if you are looking for answers and desire some clear guidance and inspiration. Session will be recorded.

$77 | Divine Guidance~Channeled Messages 30 minutes

Specializing in: Mentoring Session Packages (for a period of regular support)  are designed on an individual basis with personalized pricing and scheduling. Please contact me to discuss and determine your best option.

Are you a student of Mastering Alchemy? My passion is to assist you on your path and offer you sessions at a discount.  Please contact me for details: or call 404-931-0368

*this is a great option if you are needing a bit of clarity, understanding and insight.

Are you looking for a channeled session with the

With the energies of the New Era great transitions and much healing takes place even in a single session. For deeper issues and focused transformation several sessions may be most beneficial. Please feel free to contact me and discuss which option would be the most comfortable fit for you.

 “This was the most beautiful session I ever had. I am so impresed and there are no words to thank you also for the beauty of how you work” ~Hedy, Vienna, Austria

Would you like to discuss which option would be the most comfortable fit for you. please feel free to contact me Thank you for allowing me the Blessings of supporting you in opening the door to YOUR Sacred Journey.

*Please note, I will respect your time and understand that things happen so please allow 24 hours if you are needing to reschedule your session time. If you miss your session with no notice,  I will take the time remaining and conduct a Distant Energy Healing for you. You will be sent a recording with session details.