The New Years’ Jar

by Pam Rennie

IMAG1841_1 New Year’s Day 2013 I told my husband and 9 year old that I had a gift for them. I handed them each an empty jar*. They looked understandably puzzled and listened as I explained. The jar’s represented what we wanted 2013 to be full of.

I gave them post-it notes in different colors and we each wrote our intentions for the new year adding them to the jar. I explained the idea of keeping our Focus and Attention on our Intention of what we wanted the year to be.

We kept our jars in view so that we could write on the post-it’s each time we had a special event, a victory or anything of meaning to us. The plan was on New Years Day 2014 we would each empty our jars of the papers and read to one another what we had written.

Gavin, our 9 year old was excited about the project and wrote often.  I will forever remember the day he went right to his jar to write; with tears streaming down his face he read his paper before placing it in his jar; “I am grateful for Oliver. He was a good dog and I love him.” We had just returned home without our beloved 13 year old Dachshund, Oliver. His life was complete and the Vet had put him to sleep. Our hearts were heavy, the jar became a place to express our love and sadness.   Exactly 6 months later the jar was opened with a note of excitement added. A new dog found his way into our family; we knew he had been guided to us by Oliver. The notes went in with gratitude and love again for Oliver and happiness for the new dog to love.

The year went on with jar’s sitting untouched for weeks, then a flurry of remembering and adding notes in.

New Year’s Day 2014 we sat at the table again. This time emptying jar’s full of notes. We took turns sharing what we had written with smiles at great memories of events  and,  “good job’s” spoken for accomplishments and a nod to the sadder ones. It was a big year for our family; Weddings, births, losses, important graduations, growing up’s and moving on’s. The circle of life.

It was a year of great expansion for me personally.  A wonderful feeling of accomplishment washed over me as I reviewed  my 2013  jar. I had manifested many of my Intentions.  Peace and Ease had been my motto for the year.  I could see by holding Peace and Ease in my space, I created a ripple effect for others to choose those powerful frequencies also. I noticed how the words supported me through difficult times too. Remembering my Intentions to be in Peace and Ease, I would use my Tools of Alchemy, shifting my energy back to Peace and Ease if I was feeling otherwise.

It was time to fill our jars again with intentions for 2014. I felt the words, Ease, Creative and Present  come to me in an instant as a prominent foundation for what I wanted to experience. I feel a smile for all we experienced in 2103 and a great excitement for 2014.


With the energy of a Super New Moon in Capricorn this January 1, 2014 it’s a perfect day to bring Intentions forward for what we chose to create and experience. We have cleared the soil in 2013 to plant the seeds of our intentions and desires of 2014. We are the creators of our experiences after all.

Grab an empty jar. What do you want your 2014 to contain?


*idea seen on Facebook in 2012.

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