Mastering Alchemy Q&A, Tool Application & Meditation

Join Pam Rennie in an engaging Webinar designed as a format for you to ask questions, listen to questions from other students,  to anchor in and enhance your MA level 1 experience.

These calls are held monthly rotating days and times to offer flexibility in attending.

Most calls are 1 hour with questions answered, a tools review and practical application.

You will find the recordings posted here for you to listen to all or choose a class to experience the expansion. Enjoy!

August 10th call: Click Here Questions were answered with the Tool Enhancements: Am I in the Center of My Head? Am I grounded? Is the Rose Tool Working? Meditation with the Super Full Moon energy, expanded the Love That You Are.

June 30th: Level 1 Review  *  In this call we  journey into the Sacred Heart, The Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond. A new application of the Rose Tool is shared involving color. This is a great call if you have completed your Personal Power Field Course


~Conversation and enhancement of The Eyes Tool, Living Words exercise and Clearing the Column of stuck energy. May Review


*This is a great call to review the beginning most foundation tools of MA level 1. A deeper explanation of the living word SENIOR and a tool review meditation Click Here This call is about 40 minutes


* A great full review of the  Create Your Personal Power Field Course and Journey into the Sacred Heart meditation

Click Here


For more recordings on an expanding library of topics go here: SacredJourenyMentor