Leo Lunar Eclipse Event & Transmission

The first month of 2018 has brought intriguing shifts and support through the many celestial events we experienced.  As if saving the best till last, January comes to a completion with a Full Blue Blood Moon in Leo and Total Lunar Eclipse.

Taking place on  Wednesday January 31st this full moon is also a total eclipse of the moon in Leo and guides you to connect deeply into your heart and passion. This eclipse is an extension of the Great American solar eclipse last year. What opened then is continuing to expand and unfold now.

Eclipse’s are the Universe’s way of assisting you and reminding you of your purpose, skills and agreements. They usher in enormous change and we can expect the unexpected.

Eclipse’s are game changers.

If you are certain in your Divine alignment to your Truth and your Purpose you may experience an exponential growth in your personal evolution and if you are not certain on your path the course correction will be presented. Eclipse’s are events that can bring big change and course corrections.

Adding to the Eclipse energy, a full moon acts an an emotional reset and the Leo Lunar Eclipse affects our relationships with self and others all in a positive way. A plus is the release of emotional baggage holding us back Any habits conscious and unconscious of the old 3 D patterns will present to release, as we know they do not serve us.

This significant celestial event provides a rich opportunity to gather together in sacred space as the Divine I AM we are and align with the guidance and assistance of the great Masters, Archangels and Beings of love and light. In group gathering we benefit from the collective of the group power and intention as we merge with All That Is for our highest Good and personal evolution~all for good.

Called to gather during the Leo Lunar Eclipse Event & Transmission you will experience:

  • Awakening to a deeper sense of self and your purpose
  • Divine Alignments as a releasing takes place of the old patterns and habits
  • Become aware of a higher state of consciousness as you connect more deeply to self
  • Messages of support and guidance from the Beings of Love and Light called The New Friends
  •  Receive Transmissions of the Codes of Christed Consciousness, Color and Sound bathing the planet

The Beings of Love and Light known as The New Friends wish you to know:

We have spoken before of this important time on your Earth. No longer is this the time to causally be and allow. This is Go Time. Your light is required and your remembrance of your role and your importance is necessary. Your planetary shift is being a success and the time to take a bigger part in that success; the success created by you is now. This Eclipse time amplifies all you have asked for, prayed for and hoped for. The time is now. We desire you to be present however you choose and participate in these Divine purposeful alignments and receive the light and color codes and more that will present to you and all of humanity during this time. We embrace you with the love of the Creator. That is all. 

A Call to Action: Leo Lunar Eclipse Intention Setting & Preparation Gathering:

Join me as The Leahona guide, via the web with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Love and Light in the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Event. In this Sacred Space harnessing the potentials of the Total Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon and participate in releasing the old ways of being and align more fully with the truth of The Love that You Are.

Preparation Event: Sunday January 28th 

Recording is now available and sent with your sign up

This Full Moon Eclipse is a big opportunity and preparation is key. The purpose of this Divinely led gathering is to:

  • Set personal intentions for the Eclipse Event
  • Experience a smoothing out your energy field
  • Release emotions, habits and patterns not serving you
  • Call forward your most Divine Alignment of the I Am Presence
  • BE in the most optimal alignment with focus and clarity for the Leo Lunar Eclipse Event & Transmission

Leo Lunar Eclipse Event & Transmission:

January 31st 11 am EST*

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BONUS: In addition to the live gathering on the Eclipse day, beginning January 21st I will be holding daily Energy Transmissions for all those who sign up for this event.  This is done remotely.  All you need to do is receive the healing and codes of love and light broadcast. You may sign up and join anytime.

I invite you to feel into the energy of the event gathering and determine if you would like to participate. I would honor your bright presence.

Please note: this will be a timeless event and will be recorded. If you cannot attend during the transmission time, when you participate you will be fully in the experience.

photo credit: Photo by luizclas from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/afterglow-backlit-beautiful-crescent-moon-556666/