Leo Solar Eclipse & Lion’s Gate Transmission

The Summer Eclipse season comes to a completion with an enormous roar with the Lion’s Gate of 8.8 Portal open and six planets plus Chiron retrograde during the partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on 8/11.

Lion’s Gate, Eclipse & Retrograde, it’s as if the Universe is saying, “look you have been asking for this, let’s do it already!”

This is our Transformation. Our Personal Alchemy.  In a symbolic way we are the Caterpillar metamorphosing into the butterfly. 

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a gives us access to the higher realms connecting us in a deeper way with the Master’s and All that Is expanding our consciousness and providing downloads within the codes of light being emitted through the Great Central Sun and Sirius.

The Lion’s Gate Portal in itself is:

  • Heart Expanding
  • 3rd eye Opening
  • Alta Major Chakra Opening (the chakra at the base of the neck, a very important and sacred vortex of energy)

Add in the Leo energy of the Eclipse and the purposes intensity as do the opportunities to increase your Spiritual Psychic Gifts and conscious awareness.

This is a time of Receiving. Of going deep and facing with a fierceness the truth of who you are. Seeing your Divinity in a way that you have, even with all you have done to awaken and rise up, still been afraid to face and BE.

The original comfort zone of playing a bit smaller, hiding to fit in or denying ones true self is becoming too uncomfortable to be a zone to exist in any longer.  As we said before, “This is GO time.”

We repeat to you as shared during a previous Eclipse:

The Beings of Love and Light known as The New Friends wish you to know:

“We have spoken before of this important time on your Earth. No longer is this the time to causally be and allow. This is Go Time. Your light is required and your remembrance of your role and your importance is necessary. Your planetary shift is being a success and the time to take a bigger part in that success; the success created by you is now. This Eclipse time amplifies all you have asked for, prayed for and hoped for. The time is now. We desire you to be present however you choose and participate in these Divine purposeful alignments and receive the light and color codes and more that will present to you and all of humanity during this time. We embrace you with the love of the Creator. That is all.”

While the Lion’s Gate Portal of 8.8 still open, we will have a partial solar Eclipse in Leo with a Super New Moon on 8.11. 

The Magdalene has been ever present the past several months engaged in deep work as we become awakened to the Divine Feminine energy. Now is the time to balance that Divine Feminine Energy with the Divine Masculine.

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua have presented to me to be the Divine Guides and Participants of this gathering. 

Let us gather in the cusp of these energy’s on a Master Energy day in Numerology of 22 on:

Sunday, August 12th at 11 am EDT via the web

Join me as The Leahona guide,  with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and All That Is in Sacred Space, as we journey through the open Lion’s Gate portal to the Great Central Sun, harnessing the potentials of the Lion’s Gate and Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo.

Exchange $44 

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With your sign up you will receive an mp 3 with a 22 minute Energy Session:

Release, Renew & Rest to assist you now and in preparation for the Eclipse Event.

BONUS: In addition to the web gathering on the Eclipse day, beginning on The Lion’s Gate peak 8/8, I will be holding daily Energy Transmissions for all those participating.  This is done remotely.  All you need to do is receive the healing and codes of love and light broadcast. Your sign up is your yes to participate in the daily transmissions as well as the event Sunday.

I invite you to feel into the energy of the event gathering and determine if you would like to participate in this call to action.

With Love and Blessings,

Pam, The Leahona

Please note: this will be a timeless event and will be recorded. If you cannot attend during the transmission time, when you participate you will be fully in the experience.