June Solstice 2019 Transmission

“It takes Faith and Courage to let go of the old ways. The letting go allows an opening for the new adventures awaiting you.”

June 21st Solstice: The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere and the theme is the same: Transition & Adapt

This transition is bringing a clarity to how you respond to and experience your day to day world. If you choose to look back and react as you have in the past, you remain in those experiences and patterns.

This is the Transition: The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Adapt: Solstice also invites you to Adapt. Adapting allows choosing a new way of doing and exploring the options and opportunities in your present experience. When you can view an unexpected event from a different view point or option, rather than something failed, didn’t go as planned or so on, this adapting allows an expanded prospective into what else is possible.

Personal Benefit: The Solstice portal ushers in codes of light and assistance in this Evolutionary Shift. There is an importance and value in paying attention and aligning with this portal.

The benefit of gathering with The Great Beings and Teachers of light in this Solstice is exponential.

I am grateful as The Leahona together with the Archangels and Great Beings of Light to be Leading this Solstice Gathering Transmission. Together we will set the energy, work with the chakras and codes of light and color leading up to the Solstice peak time of 11:54 am EDT.

In the Peak we will align with the Great Beings and Teachers of Light, for periods of silence, messages and integration of the Solstice Light Codes. Channeled Messages will flow from the Divine Beings.

The Themes of Transition & Adapt Experience: Expansion, Insights, Clarity and Receiving

*This transmission recording is now available for you to participate at any time and be in the Solstice portal peak.

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