January 2020 Lunar Eclipse Transmission

The first full moon of 2020 is on January 10th is also a Lunar Eclipse.  Although the peak is at 2:21 pm EST, the potency and benefits of this powerful alignment will go on for days.


The planetary alignments of these days and next weeks are both powerful and profound. Paying attention to the signs and whispers of the Divine are essential for you to take full advantage of all these times offer.


The Eclipse in December 2019 paved the way into these first weeks of 2020. As if saying no stone is to be left unturned we have been guided and nudged to release and let go. Let go of even the deepest held secrets and default emotional reactions.


Providing you with Celestial alignments, support and assistance in the most remarkable ways, 2020 came in saying, practice is over. The time you have prepared for is now. This is your time to shine bright.


Full Moons provide closure. Eclipse’s are Game Changers bringing dramatic completions and time line changes. The time to embrace your Divine Self and all that you are is NOW.


This full moon in the water sign of  Cancer may be an emotional one. Much will come to the surface around family, and relationships as well as relationship to self.  New boundaries may be necessary and new perspectives will be very beneficial.


The Sign of Cancer rules the Heart Chakra and this provides a deep healing as you may feel heart walls crumble. This is a time for heart healing as well as a beautiful heart opening.

Having a sure foundation in place is key for the clear vision of 2020. This Eclipse Full Moon is assisting you with your foundation and footing for manifesting your desires and ways of being.


You came to earth in a body at this time to experience and make a difference as you remember who you are.


You are also not alone in the process. Gathering in Sacred Space during the Full Moon Eclipse in a Transmission Event, connect with The Divine Masters and prepare to embrace all that is available for you to experience and take full advantage of.


Join me, Pam Rennie as The Leahona with the Great Beings of Light, The Archangels, Ascended Masters and All That Is, in a powerful gathering of purposeful assistance:

Full Moon Eclipse Transmission

This guided in the moment Transmission will include:

  • Insights and Information this Full Moon Eclipse Contain
  • What the Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will mean for you
  • Channeled Messages from The Divine
  • Energy Work to clear old patterns
  • As Group Avatar Merging with The Full Moon Eclipse Energies

This Transmission event holds all the energy of this full moon eclipse.

The replay is available for you to download and participate in at any time.

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Photo by Maicol Narea from Pexels

Photo by Martijn Adegeest from Pexels