Healing The Mother Wound

Nurtured Loved Appreciated Accepted.

We came into this world wanting, needing and expecting this and more. Even in a wonderful relationship many are still healing a Mother Wound.

Some experienced: Rejection, Abandonment, Control and Disappointment. Or simply craved more nurturing that was given.

A Healing, Nurturing and Loving opportunity is presenting at this most pivotal time in our personal evolution.

Healing sorrow and more from the womb to present day.

Whether you are dragging forward a small hand bag of emotional baggage or a giant steamer trunk full, it is time to release and let go. Much of the wounds may be buried deep in the subconsciousness, where they long to be released.

As you release, you create space, freedom and opportunity for the nurturing, love and acceptance you crave. You will connect more deeply with Self and the Truth of who you are.

Together with Divine Mother Sophia and a team of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine a healing space is here for you now.

In a comfortable space, no need to go into past stories or issues you will experience a deep healing and nurturing.

With the soothing and powerful Heart Point Technique and tools of Alchemy a unique healing opportunity will leave you free of the wounds and empowered to move forward in your life being the fullest expression of the Love that you are.

Your Soul will lead the healing and connect you to your purpose free from the baggage and old ways.

Experience a feeling of self love and self acceptance as the Divine Feminine nurture you, bless you and bestow this unconditional love upon you. This is your Birthright. This unconditional love is who you are. This is the 5th Dimensional way of being.

Our Beloved Mother Earth is also healing her wounds. A highlight of this sacred gathering will be a Healing for Beloved Mother Earth. As you connect with your Soul and Soul Group as the full expression of the Divine Love, together with the Elemental’s we will bring a healing to our beloved Mother Earth.

Join me as The Leahona along with Divine Mother Sophia, Anna, Mother Mary & The Magdalene and the Divine Masculine presence holding the balance for this unique and important gathering.

The event was recorded live and is available for you to participate in now. What took place is beyond description and healing at the deepest cellular level. The Elemental’s participated as the healing was merged with Mother Earth and all of humanity, healing the Feminine wounds for all time.

The exchange is $33 With your exchange the session will be sent directly to your inbox.

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*This healing session will be recorded and available for replay. You may participate at your convenience if you cannot attend on the day.

Photo by it’s me neosiam from Pexels