Grounding Cord & Rose Tool

These two tools of Alchemy are a powerful addition to your everyday living. Enjoy.


On the 28 minute track above I will share the purpose and benefits of having a Grounding Cord in Place and guide you in a simple exercise to create and activate your grounding cord. It’s about feeling Safe, Present and Focused, and of course grounded.


The Rose Tool (17 minutes) track below is a powerful Tool of Alchemy with multiple uses. In this exercise I will share the benefits of using The Rose to create a line of delineation between YOU and other’s peoples energies. The benefit? Huge! You do not have to be the effect of another’s experience!

These two tools combined allow you to walk in Ease, Well-being and Choose, rather than React and be the Effect of Other’s experiences.



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The Value and Benefits of these two Energy Tools are profound!