Finding Your Purpose. Then What?

 Finding Purpose within your Purpose!



Do you long to Find your Purpose?

Do you long to be living on Purpose?


Have you awakened and wondered, Now what do I do??

Do you want to share your Spiritual Gifts or feel the call to help others,  but have no idea how to take even a baby step? Do you notice an anxiety or the feeling that you are missing out or supposed to be doing something?

Whether you long to find your purpose or share your gifts by creating a spiritual based business, this course is for you.

When I began my Spiritual  business I felt as if everyone else was light years ahead of me. I thought they were more qualified and more experienced. I also had no idea how to start, where to start and one limiting fear after the other come up.  When I began I could hardly write my “about me”  page for my website! I felt so exposed at the thought of others reading about me. But, I was determined to follow my path and newly found passion. I pressed on one client at a time and released many blocks and limiting beliefs.  I was still learning who I really was. It was an amazing journey, but I know I spun my wheels in the process until I got out of my own way and released the limitations.


We have lived inside a very uncomfortable box called, “fitting in”,  hiding our true selves afraid of being persecuted, looked down upon and more. Times are changing. Your light is needed and you are feeling the Angels calling you to:


 Step UP and Step IN!


I have been there and now I am light years ahead of where I was.  If any of this sounds like you, allow me to assist you in:

Busting through the Biggest Blocks:

  • Fear of being Seen
  • Self doubt
  • Feeling Not Good Enough
  • Lack & Money issues
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • No idea how to begin
  • Not knowing what your passion is

And the biggest one of them all:

Being afraid of your own light and greatness

Sharing the wisdom of my experience and saving you the time and energy I spent spinning my wheels, I will mentor you through the process of  becoming more of who YOU are and shining your light.  In the space of comfort and ease you will experience  the releasing of many limiting beliefs and step into the process of creating what you heart desires.

Connecting with your Soul you will become more clear of YOUR Divine Plan


Clearing, Empowering & Creating


Using Tools such as:

  • Alchemy
  • The Rose
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Grounding & Centering
  • Heart Point Technique

and more


You will have more self belief, discernment, crystal clear intuition and be empowered with courage. You will be more aligned with the Angels who are YOUR guides to hear your inspired action steps. You will realize you have unlimited possibilities before you and find joy as these possibilities present themselves.

As we step through The Shift from 3rd Dimension through 4th Dimension and  into the Golden Age of the 5th Dimension manifesting comes much more rapidly. Clearing your blocks and being mindful of your thoughts is essential.


This live present time Mentoring  webcourse* will be held  in a unique way as guided  with team I am working with presently: Archangel’s Michael, Uriel, Metatron. Lord  Melchizedek, Master Jushua, Master Kuthumi and of course the triad of Divine Feminine, Anna (Grandmother of Jushua), Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.

Their guidance is to hold 6 classes over a few months time.  (September to December) We will meet via web for 3 weeks consecutively then meet for 3 more classes with longer breaks in between.  The team message was clear and simple. As we clear old habits and limiting beliefs we need time for integration and to anchor in the new way of being.  Time for implementing and experiencing.

(*Classes will be recorded for replay and download)

Class will be held on Sunday’s at 1pm EDT for 1.5 to 2 hours on the following dates:

  •  September 15th
  •  September 22nd
  •  September 29th
  •  October 6th
  •  November 3rd
  •  December 1st

You will also receive priority email access and support, extra lessons and channeled messages along the way and in between classes.

The class schedule gives you the extended support and assistance of being Mentored as you step more fully into your Purpose.

You will be nurtured and encouraged along the way and uplifted if bumps in the path appear. Like learning to ride a bike, you will have training wheels on during this 3 month period, gradually releasing them and be ready to take them off when we are complete! My goal is to assist you with tools and actions steps to be able to follow YOUR guidance riding the bike on your own.


 YOU will be living the true expression of YOU. Walking in Freedom, Ease and Accomplished! 

This 6 class 3 month course is only $177. The guidance was to be affordable to be available to many. The cost of regular sessions would be over $1,000 so I am pleased to make this more available to many.

Do you feel the call? It is my passion to assist others on their Sacred Journey and I would love to have YOU join me in this amazing period of transformation.

Do you feel the, Yes I am ready to be living my Purpose on Purpose!?

Sign up now to set your intention and watch the shift in you begin!





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With great admiration for where you are in your journey I am pleased to be of service, working with the Angels.


Much Love,

Pam Rennie