Essential Energy Tools

If I could guide in using simple and practical Essential Energy Tools that would assist you to be unaffected by the noise and drama of life would you be interested?

These tools allow you to Notice, Choose then Respond rather then REACT

You will feel empowered and confident

You will notice more calm, quiet and comfort in your body and mind.

With The Essential Energy Tools, I will guide you to:

*learn the reasons for and value of using these tools

*Make Separations from people, events and sticky situations

*Create a line of definition for your energy field, allowing you to be in your space and others to remain outside of your space.

*Experience being Centered and Quiet your mind

*Learn about Grounding and the importance of having a grounding cord in place

I Invite you to join me, Pam Rennie for an engaging and empowering experience

Participate anytime

Cost: $25 please join by clicking : Buy Now to pay via the secure PayPal system*

Life is busy and having Effective Energy Tools to support you is Essential!

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