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We are in the midst of an Evolutionary Shift

We are waking up to a knowing there is more for us to be and do. Have you felt this? Have you wondered, why am I here and what is my purpose?

If I could guide you on a path that would connect you with your Sacred Heart, accessing your flawless navigation system and create a deeper connection to your Source, would you be interested?

Through Classes, Mentoring private sessions and Divine Guidance Readings Your Sacred Journey Mentor will assist you in awakening your Spiritual Gifts and Guide you on your Journey

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This is the time to rise up and Discover The Love That You Are and BE that Love in your life and in the world.

Take a look at the offerings on this site and see how you may benefit from this Discovery and the Releasing of old habits and patterns that are not serving your highest good and most favorable outcome. With The Sacred Journey Mentor as your guide you will Awaken to BEing this Love with the tools of Alchemy and insights from the Divine.

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“My healing and restoration journey has taken me to many women since 1998. You, Pam are the one who has shown me more than I could even imagine or realize. I’m still in awe each time I have a session with you.  The Mastering Alchemy is the biggest one for me now!  The tools assist me in so many ways. I laugh now and enjoy the joy!”  justine j.

  “I am  definitely finding that I can hold myself in a place of peace more successfully now with the grounding cord, the rose and the space behind the eyes. I love how simple these tools are but so profoundly useful”  Jane Toerien  (personal power field course graduate)

  “The love I have searched for, for a long, long time is now here.” Justine Jansen, personal power field graduate.