Eclipses, July 2019: Events & Transmissions

Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

July 2019 continuities the Cancer-Capricorn cycle of eclipses with a New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2, 2019 and a Full Moon partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16, 2019.

These Celestial Events are light a spotlight on your life. They light up the aspects of you that are in alignment with your Soul Purpose and bring you attention to the dark, playing smaller part of you not in your Soul alignment.

Eclipses are game changers bringing abrupt change, surprise new beginnings and course corrections.

The Reality Check: are you living your Soul’s Purpose? Are you still playing small, not fully using your gifts?

Highlighting the value point of the Universal support of the Celestial Events know as Eclipses:

  • Assist you to be fully in your truth as the Soul you are
  • Guide you into making the best corrections to honor your purpose
  • Validate and strengthen all the ways you are living as the Soul you are

The more you pay attention to these Celestial Events and notice what is available, the more you may consciously tap into and take fuller advantage of the support and the possibilities.

Following the Divine Guidance I will be Facilitating Energy Sessions & Transmissions During this Eclipse Season.

The purposes are to:

  • Illuminate the pathway that is presenting to all possibilities
  • Provide Energy clearing as the old stories & habits present
  • Channel Messages and insights from the Archangels and Divine Beings
  • Nurture, support and provide a deeper connection to the Divine
  • Create an uplifting, empowering and expanding Eclipse experience

The Events:

  • 3 WEBINARS: Eclipse Attunement & Transmission
  • July 2nd at 1 pm EDT
  • July 17th at 1 pm EDT
  • July 9th 1 pm EDT Energy Session & Channeled Messages
  • (these events will be recorded for download & participation at your convenience)

Remote Energy Sessions:

Daily Broadcast Energy Sessions: beginning July 1st through July 18th. 17 days of supportive energy work. Nothing for you to do but allow and receive. Working with the Divine Beings, Archangels and All that is, this will focus on the individual as well as the group avatar that we are when we participate in this Celestial Event. You may email your personal requests of support.

3. Emails of support, insights and channeled messages.

The Exchange for this Celestial Event is: $88

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3 webinars and 17 days of daily energy transmissions=catapulting you into the next levels of your personal evolution!