December Solstice Transmission


A solstice occurs twice each year in June and December, when the Sun appears to reach its most northerly or southerly excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. 

During the sacred Solstice portals are opened the veils are parted as frequencies of light bath us with source energy, ascension codes and more. December’s solstice will build upon the waves of light and openings the Solstice in June brought in. An Excitement, Freedom, and more rapid manifesting are some of the possibilities. 

This is a most auspicious time to be in a physical body on our beloved Earth. As we are bathed with light and color codes and frequencies through the Great Central Sun as part of The Evolutionary Shift WE are shifting and transforming. These purpose-filled lights and colors are creating changes in our Earth and changes in humanity. We are becoming more light, more aware and more conscious of who we are. How you hold your attention and focus will determine what you notice and how you may be the effect of the changes.

The opportunities presented within this Solstice are amazing as we are releasing the magnetism that have held old habits and patterns of duality and 3rd dimension in place. These habits no longer serve us and even hinder our desires to do and be more.

To join together via the web as like minded individuals in the Solstice portal, where two are more are gathered there I AM; brings boundless expansion and a deeper knowing of thy self and ability to be the Love that You are. 

Join me, The Leahona during the transmission time and experience being in the Sacred Template of this Solstice.  As we align with The Divine Beings of Light, Archangels and Ascended Masters  we create the Reference Points to be the change you have longed for. Personal Benefit: The Solstice portal ushers in codes of light and assistance in this Evolutionary Shift. There is an importance and value in paying attention and aligning with this portal.

Being in this portal with The Great Beings and Teachers of light in this Solstice is exponential.


  • Balance the Chakra System and merge with a spicific Master to assist
  • Access a higher more connected state of consciousness to self and your purpose
  • Become more aware, awakened and sharpen your intuition
  • All you desire to attract is drawn to you with the ease as you are in this alignment of the 5th dimension.

This event recording is ready for you to participate in at anytime. It holds all the Solstice Energy and you will BE in the Solstice Portal as you participate for about 90 minutes

The recording will be sent to your email promptly following your sign-up.


The Exchange is $33 and may be made via the Safe PayPal button below:

It will be a joy and an honor to have your participation in this Celestial event.