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The Shift (video)

See how The Shift we are in is causing great changes in the world today – for the better! This is an advertisement to Jim Self’s e-book, The Shift” – free download at Mastering Alchemy: The Shift free Ebook


Having a visual of the Octahedron that is now around you is very helpful. Click here for a template to make your own:

Octahedron Cut Out


Sacred Geometry Explained (video)

Spirit Science 6 – Flower of Life explained. A really cool YouTube video on the patterns of the universe and how everything is connected. Enjoy.


Metatron’s Cube (video)

Watch, listen and learn about sacred geometry! (A personal favorite)


Torus Video

This video shows how toroidal energy moves around and through the shape of a torus. This is what is now around you!

Chris Bliss Video

A beautiful display of Mastery! Illustrates what is possible with Focus, Intention and Attention.


I will continue to be your go to support person on this journey as I hold monthly Q&A calls, with tool enhancement and guided meditations.

Congratulations for taking this BIG step on your path!