Connecting & Creating With Your Guides

Everyone has personal guides, guardian angels and more. It’s part of our agreements and soul contracts.

The Leahona~The Compass

The desire to know our personal guides is a common theme for many on this earthly journey.

These Divine Guides take many forms; Angels, Archangels, Ascended Master and Soul Group member’s to name a few. They also change; as you grow and shift new guides become available.

The guides are your friends. They desire to fulfill promises to assist and co-create with you. Yet, they by universal law cannot interfere. You must ask.

How valuable are these guides? Would you navigate in the dark without a light? Or drive you car with a blindfold?

You are not separate from Source or your Guides and we are not alone in our personal evolution. We know this yet the habits of the 3rd Dimension that still linger keep us from fully connecting in all the ways possible to our Guides and our personal guidance system.

We do have connections with our guides daily in many ways. But, are you noticing?

Do you know who yours are? Are you listening? Do you doubt the message?

Connecting with and tuning in to guides and source energy is more essential than ever to our evolution.

To know them more deeply and to co-create with them is available in an entirely new and expanded way.

Join me along with Archangel Ariel, The New Friends and The Beings of Light to connect into the new availability of merging and CO-creating with the guides. Experience a deeper level of Clarity, Stronger Intuition and Mastery.

“I will say, Hello. I am pleased to be representing the Archangels and to be the lead of this Divine gathering. There is much joy and much excitement for you. Your evolution has moved forward at an exponential rate. Because of the rapid changes, great new possibilities are here for you. We desire to show you the ways of these possibilities. We desire to be of service to you in the ways that are of the higher dimensions. These ways are a co-creation. A relationship based on you as the Divine in Human form. There is a Clarion call going out to you now. Will you hear it? Will you remember your signature call sound and answer the call of your heart to be the Divine Being you are? It is I Archangel Ariel. I do salute you with honor and Love.”

Gathering over the World Wide Web in a series of 7 classes

This is a live in the moment creation that has been recorded in present time. With your sign up, the first gathering will be sent to your email and each class/gathering will be sent 7 days after the previous. (Emails with updates and insights may also come in between classes)

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*8.,The infinity number also signifies balance. If the 8 appears in your cycles there is a sense of “can do,” and enhanced self-confidence.