Stepping into Your 5th Dimensional Self~Sacred Journey Course

We have successfully emerged from the duality and struggle of the 3rd Dimension in this Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness. As we stand in the new energy of the 5th Dimension Do You Wonder, Now What? How Do I walk in this New Path?


Join me in a beautiful journey of expansion as we clear away blocks, limitations and beliefs (many not even yours!) and old habits that are not aligned with the higher dimensions.


What is needed to walk with ease and balance in the new earth energies?

The use of our heightened Intuition and Spiritual Gifts. A deeper Sense of Self and alignment of all our Bodies, Spiritual, Emotional, Mental into Wholeness.

What must take place first? The releasing at the deepest Cellular level the residue imprint of:

  • Victim and Abuse experiences
  • Belief we are separate from our Source
  • Feeling of no power or control over our lives
  • With these clearings complete we will remove the enlightenment blocking sabotaging emotions of:
  • Shame, Blame and Guilt.

Being FREE of these experiences and energies allows you to finally and fully step into the most essential of all requirement:

Self Acceptance, Self Appreciation and Self Love

With the Divine Guidance in the creation of this class I am assisted by those I work most frequently with: Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Yeshua, Master Kuthumi. The Divine Feminine Triad of: Anna, Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene.

This Will be an Experiential 4 week Journey designed to create a consciousness knowing of how to Navigate through this Evolutionary Shift with more Peace and Ease in your day to day life. This course has been automated and each class will be sent to you via email 7 days apart for you to participate at your convenience. 

Join me in a 4 week journey of life expanding and awakening experiences. Included in this course as my gift to you and the spring board in the transformation of this experience is the mp 3 recording of: Activating Your Divine Perception of Self

Each class will be channeled clearings and activation as guided by these same Evolutionary Guides that assisted in the creation of this series and are guides in my daily life.

Have you felt a separateness in your Spiritual Side and your Everyday Life?

It is now possible and necessary to merging all aspects of you. As you create this merging you will feel more true to yourself, more empowered and a sense of calm in your body. You will find the high’s and low’s to balance out and your ability to OBSERVE rather than REACT in life’s situations will be a part of how you operate.

It’s time to realize YES, you can be masterful and more fully living your purpose now! Yes, even with all your self perceived flaws and imperfections! Even in the life you live with those around you, who are on different paths and in different places in their personal growth.

We will draw in the Law of Allowing to release the destructing patterns of needing to “fix others.”

Participant’s shared:

“Wow, that was really huge! (referring to class 1) I loved the way you pulled all the different tools together and they work so beautifully together. I had a sense that this particular workshop is a BIG one.”

“I am so grateful I found you, I am always so happy and at peace after a session with you, thanks Pam”

“What a HUGE course!!!!!!!! I feel deeply humbled by all that came forth and very grateful. I loved loved your Light language, it was so beautiful and so glorious!”

 “I am so thrilled that I am with you in this course, it feels like epic shifts are taking place. Thank you for being you and allowing and trusting enough for it all to come through you!”


 This Sacred Journey to Whole Being Enlightenment will include and not be limited to:

  • First: clear the filters and access your Inherent Divine Perception of Self
  • Clear Fear of Survival off 1st Chakra and Create the intended state of Wellbeing
  • Becoming Aware of the Christed Matrix within Your heart and drawing more in
  • Create a deeper connection with the Angels and your guides
  • Connect more fully with your Flawless Inner Guidance System and your higher self
  • Access and Anchor in your Hidden Spiritual Gifts and Abilities for your Inherent Success


If you feel the sense of nudge and push even to do more and be more in your life this class is for you.

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