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Pam Rennie:   “Sacred Journey Mentor”  presents:


Create Your Personal Power Field

(This course contains the material and tools of Mastering Alchemy level 1)

 Are you ready for more in your life?

Join this Sacred Journey of:

Alchemy: Changing one Possibility into another

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This is a Three part PowerPoint visual and audio recorded class. With your sign up, your first class will be sent to you via email. 7 days after class one you will receive class two, then class 3 in another 7 days.

You are the Director of your life! What do you Choose to Experience?

  • Learn Tools to Quiet the Noise and Drama
  • Master being Unaffected by the chaos of the world
  • Access the Sanctuary of Your Sacred Heart and connect with the Soul

When you come into Who You Really Are, you come into your Empowerment—And you can create anything you want to experience.

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Also, enjoy on going tele~classes of Questions and Answer’s, tool review & meditation at no cost for course graduates.


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  You have amazing untapped Potential within you!

What is your Personal Power Field?

Your Personal Power Field is a self-contained sacred geometry that surrounds you. Once reconstructed and activated (very easy to do) you have the ability to expand your awareness and create the new wiring system required to recognize and integrate the new possibilities you may not recognize as even available.

This opens your ability to open and re-align yourself to have greater access to your higher wisdom and creative power.

Simply – you begin to:

  • Release who you are not and remember who you are.
  • You become masterful of your life vs dragged around by it.
  • Observe the world around you without being drawn into the drama and noise.

Read what those who have taken the Create Your Personal Power Field Course say:

“These tools and this Personal Power Field of Mastering Alchemy is about ME. These tools will help me to be more effective as a healer and more present and powerful in my daily life.” Lee Ka’aloha Wolf, ARCH Kaula, I’O Master, ARCH Master, Reiki Master, CYPPF graduate

 “A lot of old patterns are simply falling away. I am not in the 3D noise!” b.h. CYPPF graduate

“My husband commented that I was handling things differently, in a good way. I said I felt more myself than ever before. I am so grateful I took the Create Your Personal Power Field course.” p.f. CYPPF graduate.

 “I feel so much more secure and powerful. I am a completely different person from before I took this course!” t.m. CYPPF graduate

Course Synopsis:

1392200_park_footpathBeliefs & Habits

We begin this course by talking about the energetic structures, beliefs systems and the unconscious habits that keep us repeating patterns and experiences that do not serve us or create well-being. You will experience becoming more conscious of being conscious with new choice and possibilities.

IMAG0179_1Energy Tools

In the second segment, we create a group of very valuable, fundamental tools, skills and strategies that will allow you to step out of the third dimension reactions you have experienced in the past. These tools and skills are not new to you. They have been a part of who you are; but they have been forgotten. When remembered and experienced, this information provides the foundation to rebuild the Personal Power Field, accessing knowledge and information long forgotten.

1016770_10201581916612681_1362183009_n Build Your Personal Power Field

The third module presents the rebuilding of your Personal Power Field. This consists of a sphere of light which surrounds you; a form known as the Octahedron. This geometric form, when rebuilt and activated, becomes a containment filed creating both safety and permission to experience your life on YOUR terms, without all the history of your past directing your present experience.

1385767_love_4Connect the Heart

In this segment you will begin to realign with the Love that you are. This will allow you to reenter and consciously reside within the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond, the Sacred Heart, within the heart chakra. It is within this sanctuary that you will reconnect and anchor your Soul back into your heart again becoming one with the Soul. You will meet your eleven other Soul Extensions and balance the male and female aspects of yourself.