New Moon Solar Eclipse Energy Transmission & Attunement

This Energy Transmission Template is a timeless body of work you may use anytime. The Session Replay is ready now. Read more and listen to your heart to determine if now is your time to open new doors.

New Moon’s are about Ending’s and New Beginning’s; add in a Solar Eclipse; combine that with the planetary alignment of Scorpio~You have an Opportunity you do not want to miss!

It’s a Life Changer a New Door Opener

This New Moon on October 23rd in Scorpio signals a time of completion and initiation. Scorpio’s input is about seeing the truth. All the Truth, from the unconscious part’s we have suppressed to our fears of being all we really are capable of,  to the real truth:

What we DO what to feel and experience in our life?

This provides a perfect setting for being with ourselves, aligned in Truth. Truthful about really seeing and releasing the old baggage; in a setting where we do not go into the story, we simply align with the energies at hand and dissolve these old negative experiences and behavior patterns.

We have a great opportunity to step into a new aspect of our lives with a potential for great expansion and manifesting what we do want. 

The Universe isn’t leaving us alone with Scorpio, it’s adding the influence of Neptune in Pisces in this Celestial event which surrounds us with compassion as we release and provides a strong spark of imagination to help us align with new patterns and create them.

If you are ready to close door’s to your past and OPEN New Door’s accessing New Realities, New Relationship to Self and your Divine Connection to Source then Join me for the:

 New Moon Solar Eclipse Energy Transmission & Attunement*: 

Thursday October 23rd: from 7 pm to 8 pm Eastern Atlanta GA time zone

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This Energy Transmission will be during the peak Eclipse New Moon time. The Eclipse begins at 3:40 pm EDT until 7:52 EDT

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*Sign up even if you cannot attend during this time,  as you will be included the energy of the transmission and will have the audio replay to participate fully at your convenience.

Major Endings and New Beginnings. That is the theme of this New Moon & Eclipse, as if the universe and all that is are shouting, Let Go! It’s really time, we are here to support you, there are new and better ways to experience your self!

 What will take place during the Energy Transmission:

In a platform of Divine Sacred Space, aligned with the bandwidth’s of energy of this planetary alignment I will be the way shower and catalyst assisted by my Healing Team of Archangels and Ascended Masters, Beings of Light in a series of transformation’s and awakenings.

You will be Experiencing:

  • Chakra Clearing and Alignment
  • Deeper Connection with Your Higher Self
  • Light Activation within your physical body
  • Connecting Within Your Sacred Heart & Book of Life
  • Experience dissolving of old stories and fragments of past
  • Align with the Truth of Who You Are and What You Came Here to Do.

With an In the Moment Approach, Present Time guidance the possibilities are beyond what we can think of.

Join me if you are ready to really shift some energy and leap ahead on your journey!