Equinox Transmission September 2015

Equinox~The Dawn of A New Day

Sunrise (2)

September 23rd is the Equinox with the Sun in Libra~Time to Be in Balance

Join me in a web event as your Way~ Shower and Guide as we merge with the Equinox energies, the codes of light, color and sound with the purpose and intention to smoothly catapult you forward in your personal evolution.

Since April 2015 many shifts have taken place and this Equinox is bringing an opening that we have been waiting and even longing for.

A powerful, purposeful and magnificent Universal event has taken place in the month of September, opening the door for you to step up more fully in vibration and remembrance of who you are.

Now Is The Time!

This Equinox transmission will take place with the assistance and guidance of the Archangels, Elemental’s, Lords of Light, Elohim and many Ascended Masters. We will gather via the web in sacred space as I guide you in a beautiful Energy Transmission to clear patterns, habits and energies not serving you, bringing more light frequencies to assist you for your highest good to walk in Ease, Grace and Success.

A personal channeled message will also be delivered to assist and guide you.

If you feel a longing, a knowing that there is more…more for you to remember and a role for you, please join this Sacred Energy Transmission.

Wednesday, September 23rd at 7 pm EDT

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Join by clicking below. The transmission details will be sent to you via email.

Event Exchange: $27 Click HERE

You can expect to feel:

Uplifted and Inspired

Aligned with your Whole Self

More connected with your Heart’s guidance

More calm, quiet and comfortable in your space



This event will be recorded and sent to you for download after the transmission. You may join from anywhere via, phone, Skype or your computer.  It will not be necessary to be present in the call, you will be in the energy with your sign up and in present time in the transmission each and every time you listen.


Join me in this amazing experience!


photo credit: New Day M.B.