Divine Perception of YOUR Self

The Archangels, Ascended Masters and Lord’s of Light invite you to join in:

Activating: Your Inherent Divine Perception of Self


Are YOU Ready to take a Leap Forward, Expanding your Consciousness and Evolution?

I want to share the creation of this Energy Session.

It has been the most unique experience filled with a Power and Will from Source that followed my feeling a being “stuck” between my day to day life and my Spiritual Awakening. I asked Yeshua this:  to see myself as the Divine sees me. That question led to a wonderful flow of information from Yeshua (the given birth name of Jesus Christ) He said, he would be pleased to show me how HE sees me

the more important aspect would be to see myself as the Divine I AM, and is my Inherent birthright.

I was not seeing myself as the Divine I AM. Sure the words rung true and felt good, but something was missing.  My Self Perception was “filtered” from the 3D fall of consciousness! Through a process over a couple of days, I was guided to activate that inner knowing, release the filter and see myself as the Divine I AM.

 I am in awe of the transformation this has brought to me. It has been a leap forward.
I have been called to bring this forward for YOU. The energy and information flowing has been enormous. The Template of our Perception shifting to that of the Divine Truth of who we are is timely, needed and will be nothing short of a miracle.

This Divine Balance and activation and offers a unique and potent opportunity to look deeply into the Divine Blueprint of our life’s plan. This purpose is to draw out the hidden aspects of our talents and traits awaiting to assist us more fully to rise up to the truth of who we are and what we came to do.


Hear from other’s who have done this activation with me:

“Much Love and Divine Light to you Pam.  I am so deeply grateful for the channel that you are for Yeshua, Ascended Masters & Archangels. This activation was so profound and the messages from Gabriel and Yeshua so filled with Divine Love and Light. I AM Divine and I AM Light” Justine
“Wow, that was very special . I felt like I could see myself as a being of light .  Thank you for channeling these tremendous beings.  Couldn’t stop the tears from rolling ( joyous tears )” CN
I am in deep awe, wonder and gratitude….what an enormous shift in how I view myself! I feel like a big weight has been lifted. Thank you from my IAM Divine Self.” TJ

Shifting our Self Perception is key and as essential as our Self Love.

We are Soul/Spirits in a physical body. We may “know” this. BUT do YOU SEE YOURSELF as  THE Divine YOU ARE?

Are you ready to take this Leap? Join us:

Sunday March 1st, 2015 from 11 am to 1:30 pm*

(Can’t attend in person? Participate in the class at your convenience using the automated class. For details and sign up: Click Here )

for this Sacred Divine Activation at:

Horizon Spiritual Center


5549 Roswell Road

Sandy Springs/Atlanta, GA  30342

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