Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts

Opening the Door to your Sacred Journey…..

 Pam Rennie, HPT Master Healer |Teacher |Channel


Awaken your Spiritual Gifts and

Learn to Channel

Are you on a path of personal awakening?

In this 4 session recorded class you will enhance your Spiritual Mastery and learn to channel.

This is an archived class full of transformation and activation’s. Here are some comments from those who attended 

“I don’t think words can express the amount of happiness joy and gratitude that I felt with this class. I truly believe and feel this is the beginning of amazing miracles that are about to happen. Thank you so much for the guided clearing we did and the heart point technique we did and the meditations we did. You are an amazing teacher.” J.M.

“I’ve wanted to write to say thank you this class – it was wonderful, and I am loving working with all the tips and tools. I just want to share with you that for the past two days I have heard angelic choirs singing as I woke up in the morning, that has never happened before and it is so beautiful! Thank you! I love your energy, it feels like coming home.” J. S.

Whether you want to connect to the Archangels and guides for the first time or deepen the connection you already have;  this series will benefit you and catapult your personal and spiritual growth.

In this New Age, The Golden Era the veils are thinning as never before as humanity awakens in consciousness. The Angelic Kingdom longs to assist and serve us as we more fully embrace our experiences.

Did you know that YOU have a Soul Group that you have contracted with to assist and guide you while here on earth? You made agreements with specific Angels and other Masters to allow them to be your guides.

Are you ready to learn who these Angels are and connect with them?

In this awakening series we will clear blocks of self- limiting behaviors, fears and doubts.
We will look for the unconscious habits and patterns that keep you stuck from moving forward or that keep you moving forward more slowly that you desire.

This 4 session~2 hour each teleclass will:

  •  Awaken the pathways of your spiritual gifts that long to be activated.
  • Uncover what has been holding you back and empowering you to forge ahead like never before.
  • Activate the communication points in the Corpus Colousum of the brain bridging the connection with your Angels.

You may be surprised at what gifts you have hidden that are longing to awaken and assist you.

When you channel your personal messages you


  • Guidance

  • Validation

  • Inspiration

  • Peace

  • Direction

Even if you do not wish to have a practice as a healer or a channel you may channel healing as a gift of service.  Yes! You may be a catalyst to sending messages of healing, love and more to Mother Earth, Humanity and the Animal Kingdom.

How will you benefit from this class:

  • Increased intuition

  • Activate the gift of discernment

  • Align the glands in the brain to their natural and more harmonious state

  • Anchor more well-being into you walking around space

  • Activate your Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and other Spiritual Gifts

Did you know these spiritual gifts were the intentions of the creator for you to experience and use on this earth?

As I experienced these awakening along my sacred journey and I know the joys of the deeper Angelic connection. It is my passion to assist others awaken their divine spiritual gifts and experiences these joys.


As a bonus with your energy exchange enjoy the mp3:  Healing the Mother Wound~of 7 Generations. This is a full session healing that will provide a wonderful transformation and bring your first Chakra back into Well-being as was the original intention; allowing you to step more fully into your power, your gifts and your intentions.


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With your sign up you will receive a link to confirm your class subscription. When you click the link to confirm your gift of Healing 7 generations and  links to the 4 classes will be sent to you to listen and download.  You will have email access to me for questions and comments. Enjoy the expansion of this powerful course.