Alignment with The Angels


Experience a gathering of the Archangels and Alchemy

Do you desire a deeper connection to those in the Angelic realm to assist and support you on your journey?

Do you notice that you “go it alone” and are not tapped into their guidance or your inner wisdom?

As this Evolutionary shift picks up the pace several things are very clear to me:

  •  Being our true selves and in our Divine Alignment is essential to our Well Being
  • Connected to Self, Source and our Guides is key to navigating our path with more ease
  • Knowing the Angels we are in Agreement with and Aligning with them expands our support immeasurably

The Angels have been Nudging me to hold what they are calling, “A Gathering of The Angels” for the purpose of:

With the assistance of the Archangels we will use the tools of Alchemy to connect within the Sacred Heart. We will gather in this sacred space and learn more of their role in our lives.  You will connect with the Angel who you are in agreement with to guide you. You will determine whether you see, feel or hear your Angel and become familiar with their energy and how to best communicate with them

A message will be channeled that I am being told will hold a great value in your evolution

This will be a grand meeting and a time of deep self love and transformation. Are you ready?

The Archangels are waiting for you and long to be of service and assistance. The time to connect and be the Love that you are is NOW!

This class is for those who desire a deeper connection and those who are connected to their guides and Angels.

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This is a “timeless” body of work and when you listen to the replay you are IN class in present time and the energy and work is just as effective.

photo credit: Richard Hernandez