Alchemy, Angels & Alignment


Archangel Uriel has requested a gathering for the purpose of enhancing the divine possibilities

 This is a timeless body of work, recorded for you to participate at the most Divine timing for you. With your purchase you will receive downloads of each class.

The Planetary Shift has accelerated rapidly; to walk with ease is requiring a deeper and conscious connection to our I AM presence.

Being more in tune with our bodies and emotions are the gauge to where our alignment is moment to moment. The past few months have been a refiners fire bringing up lower vibrating  patterns and frequencies, (think 3 D patterns and habits and where we have held on to limitations). This has been experienced as physical discomfort, emotional roller coasters and many old stories rising to the surface. All coming up to leave so we may be more consistently in the 5 D higher experiences.

Archangel Uriel says, “It is time to be aware  and KNOW we truly are not separate from Source.”

Our I AM presence has been showing us what is not in alignment with the truth of who we are. Many times this presented as a physical ouch! We are very capable and do hold many high frequencies of light.  Therefore this purposeful time has been the “squeeze” to refine us and assist us in letting go for the purpose of being who we came here to be.

Our Gathering will bring Angelic assistance and support in Alchemically releasing remaining fragments of 3 D habit patterns and all this is not in alignment with our highest good and life purpose. 

Experience a Power Filled Experience in a deep state of Ease as Divine Mother delivers a Divine Invitation

We will bring in an expanded, enlightened awareness of our connection to and being the Extension of the Divine we are. This will be the most vital part of our gathering Uriel says.

Coming together as a unified like minded group will assist in multiply ways amplifying the possibilities and intentions and to smooth out the old and ease into the new.

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In our gathering we will be surrounded with the Archangel, Lords of Light and Elohim and Ascended Masters. Archangel’s Uriel, Zadkiel and Michael will be at the lead with Mother Mary. Our gathering will consist of: Alchemy Energy Work, Alignment and a message from our Divine Support Team.

At their lead and guidance we will:

  • Experience Relaxing into The Natural State of Ease with AA Uriel
  • Bring a conscious awareness to our I AM presence and our Source Connection
  • With the Tools of Alchemy and Ray’s of Creation & Color Codes dismantle 3 D
  • Anchor in the Living Words of: Senior, Certain and Happy

….and more as guided in the moment.

This is a timeless body of work taking place between the Full Harvest Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Equinox. The energies were amazing and filled with Love and assistance. You will be in present as you participate in the recorded event.

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photo credit: Richard Hernandez