11.11.17 Gateway Gathering

The portal is open 11.11.17 through 11.13.17

An 11 Day in the 11th month adds up to an 11 Universal Date. This triple 11:11:11 activation opens significant gateways into new realities, possibilities and an opportunity to upgrade your awareness and open your consciousness to the bigger picture in this right now present moment.

I am being called to create and lead a gathering for the purpose of assisting our Souls’ advancement and navigation with ease and benefit through the time line of this evolution.


The Gathering took place during the Portal opening on 11.11. and is a timeless body of work that will hold many energetics of support and transformation. You will be in the experience and benefit anytime you participate via the recorded transmission.


When I asked who was leading the gathering Sanat Kumara appeared immediately, followed by a whole host of Divine Beings, Archangels, and those of The Council of light and love called The New Friends. Clearly a very large presence is coming to participate and assist and one of the largest gathering of the Divine I have seen in a long while.

Divine Mother will take a powerful lead into Love as you sit in the opened Portal energy.


Sanat Kumara shares this: “These next few months will be a most remarkable time in our Earth’s and Humanity’s Evolution. While you may think things look bleak with the destruction, chaos and horrific acts, these are a most painful and challenging time many are serving in. These events are also the micro of what is taking place on the whole and do serve in the grand scene of the evolution. You also do not hear of the shifts that are known universally and at work taking place behind the scenes to assist the Dream of the New Earth to come to pass. May you be filled with a renewed sense of hope and purpose during the openings and thinning of veils” 


What will take place as we come together in the Sacred Space of this Template? This is the reply:


The Rays of Creation, Color Codes and The Beings of Light will be assisting the passing through this Divine Portal for deeper Awakening and Ascension. Direct Downloads take place as new codes of light and color codes flow as the veils are parted. Are bodies are being assisted to hold more of these new light frequencies.

Our Nervous Systems will be upgraded and assisted as a releasing of the density of old programming, habits and 3D illusions will be dissolved away bringing a heightened sense of ease and knowing. The Soul Purpose is being made more aware and available.


 There was also much quiet space in between the words as I allowed the information and energies to flow.

After a period of quiet I heard, come and partake and be rejuvenated and uplifted.

How we hold our Attention and our Intention will prove beneficial in aligning us with this Gateway of New Beginnings.

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What participants shared: 

“Thank you for this gathering, I feel amazing! I have been changing recently and this gathering helped me to cement my new way of being into place. I’m calling it my ‘ahhh’ Lee”


“Words can’t describe the session l am in a state of reverence bliss gratitude seniority and yes happy in a way l have never experienced happiness before

Thank you for being the way shower the guide the loving kind being who holds our hand and allows us to step into the fullness of who we are thank you” Jacquie 
“I am in a place I have no words for. Happy in a way never before experienced. I feel confidant and clear about my path and my action steps”. Jay

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