What if we simply need to BE in the upset?

by Pam Rennie

Only days before I had experienced a wonderful healing and awakening. Now I was a mess. “Wah!”

I called a dear friend. I was very upset and in tears (not where I wanted to be, “I KNEW better, right?! I am an energy healer; I am supposed to be OK! This was NOT supposed to be happening!  Uff!, sigh….).

My dear friend listened as I cried, and then said, in Her Divine guidance: “Just BE. Allow yourself to be in this space. You do not have to ‘fix this, just be.’” I almost couldn’t believe my ears. My thoughts immediately went into resistance, “Yes, but,” “and,”… yet I said, “Okay,” and hung up after only a few minutes on the phone.

That’s when the miracle came. I allowed the floodgate of tears to come, poured out my heart, speaking aloud my upsets. Within moments I felt calm. Peacefulness swirled around me and I felt the full presence of Divine support. The support I had called out for in the upset, but could not feel from that space.

I had the most curious realization: Do we push to change and fix things too quickly for others and even ourselves? What if part of the healing experience is to just ALLOW? Feeling what there is in the moment and allowing the emotions to wash out of you as the release and shift?

This was NOT to suggest a stuffing of the emotion or situation. Not a, I-will-pay-attention-to-this-later type of ignoring. This was an outpouring; an energy-clearing in a very effective, quick and (almost) simple way!

I invite you to just BE and allow, in all facets of your life; especially when you feel overwhelming emotions.

I welcome your feedback and comments.


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Lee June 1, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Oh Pam – Thank you sooo much for sharing that experience!!! It’s something that I need to be able to do – just BE and ALLOW!!!! This is a tremendous help to know that you “have been there too.” You are a treasure in my life!!!

Much Love, Lee


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