What are the ripple effects of one extended hand?

by Pam Rennie

Have you ever wanted to do something so much, the very thought held excitement like electricity running through your body? BUT you held back.? You didn’t make the move? That is exactly what was happening that night. Until a stranger changed everything. Read on:

The first few times he attended the dance he sat in silence like a statue; mesmerized by the music~ the dancing ~the excitement in the air. It was the one time he could come hear the Southern Rock Band~ His father’s rock band; playing at the annual High School ROTC’S formal dance. He was simply a spectator. He was much younger than the high school students.

This year was different. Gavin was 9, older more aware of himself. He sat with me on the sidelines near the band as usual but this time, moving to the music and more engaged with the actives around him; the boys in their dress uniforms and girls in frilly gowns dancing to the music.

He inched his way from his seat on the sidelines to one closer to the dance floor, closer to the teenagers he bounced in his chair to the music. Closer to view of the teenage boy who had danced alone all night, moving all over the dance floor totally mesmerized by the music in his own world.

Gavin ran back over to me, with excitement he said, “I can’t help it, I want to go dance so bad!” I said, “You can do it, go ahead!” He ran back to his seat. Seconds later again at my side saying, “I want to so much my heart is pounding, but I just can’t!” Again I encouraged him and again he sat down. Three times he ran over to me telling me how much he wanted to join in the fun and dance. Three times he sat back in his chair.

Then as I watched in amazement as if time stood still……..that teenage boy danced his way towards Gavin, hand extended reaching towards Gavin who extended his hand out as the boy pulled him up off his seat onto the dance floor. Gavin came to life, dancing and moving to the music like he was born to. The two boy’s danced circles around each other through the song…..when it ended the teenager escorted Gavin back to his seat. Gavin sat catching his breath with a huge grin on his face. He turned at looked towards me with a nod of his head and gave me a “thumbs up.”He did it. He got up and danced!

Could the teenage boy possible know the ripple effect of his action? The extended hand lent courage, companionship and a BIG Yes, you can do it! How would this action impact Gavin’s life?

Don’t we all need this kind of support from time to time? An extended hand from one who says, “I have been where you are, let me guide you forward;” empowering, uplifting, extending the needed courage to make that first step.

In my role as an Alchemist, Mentor and Channel I have had the honor taking the hand of those reaching out for assistance.  I have been witness to countless transformations and awakenings.

I extend my hand in offering a free ebook with a simple technique to release the biggest block on your journey with ease. Or connect in a complementary conversations that make a difference.  One special student of mine said, “I realized one day your name spelled backwards is, Map! I feel like you have been like a MAP to me as you pointed me to so many possibilities on my Sacred Journey.”

Reach out, I am here to be of assistance. It may change your life in ways you have longed for.



Pam Rennie, Sacred Journey Mentor


Photo Credit Haiinee

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