Want to Eliminate Cravings? Clear Your Home’s Energy

by Pam Rennie

Walk in the Park

Often times my messages come through odd experiences. That is what happened that day in the park. I was taking my usual morning walk on a beautiful spring day when suddenly my feet began to really hurt. The discomfort was so unusual, both the feeling and that it was even happening. I reached a bench and sat down, my feet still hurting. This was something I had never experienced. I begin to intuitively check in. My answers often come as stories and visuals. The visuals are simply a reference to understand the whole picture.

What I saw was an image of my feet dragging in cement and the impression that they were carrying far more weight that just my body. It was the weight of my home; that is strange I thought.  I questioned this and felt no wonder I was drawn to the park not just to walk but I always sat and mediated for a while because I could now see  my home was weighed down with old energy. The light bulb lit up and I said, of course. I had been doing so much personal energy clearing and transformation but I had not cleared the space in my home for ages. As soon as I realized this my feet instantly stopped hurting.

I immediately began to use energy tools to clear the energy in my home right there from the park. I also knew I would use the technique called “smudging” to complete the clearing.

Have you ever wondered where a thought goes after it is thought? Thoughts are energy. The energy of thoughts collects all around us. Clearing space is a wonderful way to bring in fresh energy, more Divine light as well as a feeling of peace and ease to the space cleared.

There are many ways to clear energy;  here are some suggestions.  My friend Sandy of the Spiritual Sanctuary and Spa recommends the incense Basilica. She calls it “crud buster” and says it’s the best for clearing though forms. White Sage is also an excellent choice. You can usually find both items at your health food store and online.

A dear sister friend also shared that she uses salt to clear negative energy. She sprinkles a few grains throughout the house paying attention to getting it in the corners of the rooms,  around the perimeter of her yard and in her mailbox. All that is needed is sprinkling a few grains in a path, it does not need to be a solid trail, and it can be regular salt not an expensive salt. She even sprinkles some in her laundry to clear the energy off her clothing.


Clearing Technique:


I call in the Archangels and the Violet Flame for support and then, starting at the front door of the home walk through the entire living space with the lit sage or Basilica. Go room to room allowing the smoke to get into the corners, near the furniture and drapes and vents. When you have gone through the whole house (garage, attic and basement too) end at the front door.


This part is extremely important. By clearing you have created a void. You want to fill this void with what you intend the energy of your home to be. Begin again at the front door and ending at the front door.  Walk through the home adding sound: tones, singing, bells or bowls or spoken mantras to fill the cleared space. Call in Divine light to fill your home. Ask the Angels for their presence and speak your intention for what you want to experience in your home. Peace, Health, Abundance as an example. Be creative and purposeful. Most of all feel the energy of  Happy as you go.

When you are complete feel how light and wonderful your home is.

Several days after I had cleared my home I had the most astonishing realization. Prior to the clearing I had been struggling with craving sugar. I was frustrated with this because I had done a seven week eating cleanse quite successfully, but at the end I had begun to eat the sweets I had avoided for weeks. After a few days I was noticing these cravings had totally vanished. The only thing I had done differently was clear my home. When I cleared the old thought patterns the cravings left. I was both surprised and very pleased to be rid of the cravings.

Try this for yourself and enjoy the results.  Oh, and my feet never hurt on walks again.



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