Unplanned 5am Wake Up Call

by Pam Rennie

 I woke at 5am, much too early that Monday morning.  Immediately my thoughts went to the many things I needed to get done that day.  Falling back to sleep for a couple more hours seemed impossible, because within minutes my mind was spinning and I began to feel tension within  in my body.

  This felt familiar, but I had not been in this space for ages.   A habit from years ago, the old pattern of Stress, Tension and Worry was showing up! Not good energy and not a pattern I want to be in or be consciously choosing. I tried to change it, but it was getting worse, the tension growing as if it had a mind all its own. This is when I was taught something very powerful, something amazing.

  I was actually seeing what the Stress, Tension and Worry were doing to my body. Now this was for my own reference and understanding of course, but I was shown inside my body.  I saw my muscles constricting, chemicals being released and flooding through my system to organs and through my whole body. I saw my adrenals working hard to keep up with the release of cortisol needed in respond to the stress, more and more was being called for of different chemicals and hormones because all my body knew was let’s step it UP, big things are happing we have to be in flight or fight right now!! And my body was responding very well.

 This all started with my Thoughts. That is it! Simply my thoughts!

With thoughts, being electric, that set off one set of actions and when I brought the feelings and emotions to it, emotions being magnetic, the whole thing wound tighter got bigger and my body by its design took the required action!  I was seeing the effect and impact these self-made chemicals had on my organs, tissues and whole body.

 Now that awareness is a true wakeup call!!

 I was not comfortable in my body, mind or spirit.  After seeing the action and reactions and getting this lesson (which I thought it was complete!)  I “worked” to try to change all that was going on. Nothing was changing. The muscle tension was still there and so was everything else; chest breathing, heart beat a little too high and all that goes along with the energy I had created. I could not change or clear the issue while in the issue! I had to be in a “higher” place to create any change.

 This is when part two of the lesson came in; restoring balance.

 I took a deep breath and intended myself to a higher space. The healing or re-balance was a Spiritual, Emotional and Physical process, in that order. I asked for Divine assistance, I set my intension to clear the pattern and restore my alignment in ease.  I cleared the emotions and did some deep breathing. I got out of bed (that was made very clear that I had to get up and move) and walked around my house, taking deep breaths, swinging my arms. Being in movement allowed the excess energy to be released off my physical body.  I brought myself to the feeling of gratitude and anchored in my intention to be in Balance, Alignment and Ease. It did not take long before I feel peaceful and balanced again. I marveled at all I had been shown.

What a great way to start my Monday and my week! 

 These old patterns are coming up to allow us to choose; is this helping or hurting me? What is the very core of the lesson? Right from the begining: my thoughts. I went to what I HAD to do. All the WORK all the expectations, all that was on my plate. How do I do that different now? I view my day’s activities as filled with the opornunites to create. I look at my calance in the space of : Freedom (how do I choose my thoughs) Ease (staying in balance) and Accomplishment.

I choose to move forward creating Balance, Alignment and Ease.  in feels so much better, spirit, mind and body! I invite you to give it a try.


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