The Unique Way Spirit Got My Attention

by Pam Rennie

I was sitting at my desk enjoying the sacred space in the room where the magical client sessions take place. I was feeling quiet and contemplative. Then something got my attention; I had heard it the other day too, but had ignored it. This time I listened and heard the faint tapping knocking kind of  sound. It almost had a rhythm to it, a regular tapping beat for sure and very faint.

I stood up and put a deeper focus on, where is this sound coming from? I let my ear actually lead the way, leaning into the direction of the sound. There it was! I paused and stood back looking at the window directly in front of me. It was the stained glass hanging of The Rose. That was the source of the sound. How curious! There was no movement of air in the room. The Air-conditioning was off, window closed, yet I could see it moving back and forth making the gentle tapping sound!

I sat back in amazement as I gazed at the writing on the stained glass:  There Is Only The Rose. This sweet hanging was a gift from a very dear friend and had hung in this spot silently for over three years. Spirit had done this to get my attention. I was curious to say the least.

As I reflected on the Rose tool I thought of the ways I used this tool daily. With an almost audible sound, the guidance said, “use it more often and in new ways.” Huh, I thought, what an interesting way to get my attention with this Divine request.  The fires raging in California came to mind. I had been sending prayers and doing energy work with the Elemental’s as guided. Containment had been the very first word/thought when I began this work, and now I saw to place Roses around the fires as a containment. Interesting. The Rose Tool used at the edge of your Aura creates a line of delineation or a separation, so placing this sacred tool of Alchemy around the fires made sense to me.  As I did that and pondered on the Rose Tool a bit more I noticed the tapping sound had stopped. Completely stopped.

Not only was Spirit calling my attention to this tool, but it was for another person also. I shared this story during an Angelic Gathering where we did use the Rose Tool in new ways during the Energy Healing portion of the event. After the event a participant, Jacquie shared this:

“I was so amazed when you spoke about using the  Rose Tool in different ways, on Friday night as I got into bed I felt a strong urge to do more with the tools, of late there have been many burglaries in our area, although  I feel safe and protected, it came to me to create a boundary of the roses all around the property, so when you mentioned this on the call I was blown away.”

Information and guidance often comes to many in different ways with a similar message or nudge. The Question is: Are we paying attention? I have continued to use the Rose tool more often and am grateful for the nudge to do so.

Here is the best part. YOU can use this tool of Alchemy too. Listen to this recording The Rose Tool  as I share with you how you can use the particular application of the Rose Tool to Defining your space and create a container for you to experience you in your energy field and not be the effects of others energies.  You will experience how beneficial this tool is.

Oh, and by the way; the tapping sound has not happened at all since that day.

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