Stuffed Full Of Gratitude

by Pam Rennie

I was Stuffed Full. Full of Gratitude

Thanksgiving was remarkably different than any other before it and not different at all.  The remarkably different part was me and how I experienced not only Thanksgiving day, but the entire week leading up to it. The not different part was the life all around me. It was all the same with family things going on and even a bit busier with more on my schedule. How did I feel my experience was different? There was zero stress. Zero. No feeling of being in a rush of having to do, even amidst tackling  a long list of things to do and check off. I was excited, happy, full of energy and very present in the moment. I was all at once in a single moment of many moments the accumulation of everything I have been teaching and sharing. I was grounded, calm, focused, present, senior and happy. Really happy and excited. I was looking forward to the day of Thanksgiving and also enjoying each moment along the way.

I was in Gratitude each day.

So? What’s the big deal? Maybe everyone already thought this is how I was gong through life since my role is Alchemist, Mentor and Channel. Hey, I’m human too!

Yet, this was still different in experience on levels that have no words and I wanted to know how and why. I wanted to bottle it and keep drinking from the bottle everyday because this was fun! This was exciting and it was Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing! Ah, that was it! The bells went off as soon as I typed Freedom Ease & Accomplishing. That was the key stone. That had been my intention and it came to be in a larger than life way.

It was during a Mastering Alchemy gathering that Lord Metatron said, “this will take 5 years of your time to be fully able to experience this template of Freedom Ease and Accomplishing”  Well, ok it took me 7. Maybe I was on the slow train. While this template Lord Metatron presented, that I had used so often was the end result and the present experience, there was more.

The more of my experience was also about a State of Being. It was an example of how rapidly we are manifesting our desires and intentions and how it can be done with ease. I put in motion what I desired using the tools of Alchemy in my tool box and the power of my intention. Then I went about my life. Here is another key. I went about my life BEing excited, happy and in Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing. I wasn’t looking for it all to happen by trying to find it or doubting it would happen.  I attached the feeling and emotions to what I wanted to experience. Metatron says this piece is essential for manifesting; attaching the feeling and emotions.

Why is this so exciting? It could seem ordinary, but the experience was nothing ordinary. It was outstanding! The excitement is this is for you to experience too! The platform of Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing and all the tools and key’s of Manifesting are right here for you too.

It all begins the simple questions, How do you choose? How would you like to experience yourself?

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